Free Masari (MSR)

Hello all.

I present another tap.

Masari (MSR)



Minimum 5 minutes between claims per address/ip.

Once you reach 0.1 masari you can withdraw. You will then receive your Masari within 7 days.

Your first claim of the day you can claim 3 times more.

If you make more than 10 claims on the same day the claim rates will slowly decrease.

The amount of Masari you receive is random.

The claim rates are auomatically adjusted depending on the exchange rate.


Daily bonus

Every day you claim you get a 1% bonus per day, up to a maximum of 100%. If you miss a day then your bonus will reset back to 0%.

Pani kran

Exchange on the cryptocurrency exchange is definitely profitable.

Have a nice day / evening.

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