Emotional Intelligence - The Power Within

By devkant79 | devkant79 | 10 Jul 2019

When we think of human being, we at once tend to think of him as an emotional creature. Human being is nothing but the product of emotions, feelings and sentiments. There cannot be a single human being on this earth who does not have emotions in his heart. If there is any, he is certainly not a human being. It goes without saying that human being is emotional by nature and it is the quotient of emotions in us that defines our character.

No two human beings can be alike as far as their emotional makeup is concerned. It is also a fact that some people are more emotional then others and they are the ones who go by what their heart says rather than by what their head dictates.

On the other hand there do exist such people who are emotionally intelligent because they have better control over their emotions. Those who apply intelligence to their sentiments and feelings are the ones who are in better control of their emotions and actions. As human beings we can live happily if we have the capability to control our emotions but if our emotions control us or rather if they overpower us, we become emotional fools.



When our emotions start controlling our behavior, actions and reactions to situations and people around us, we tend to become the victims of negative emotions like anger, fear, hostility, jealousy, and malice. There is no denying the fact that these negative emotions create stressful situations and stress ultimately leads to mental disorders and depression. It is hence easy to deduce that stress causes depression.

There are two students who fail to score pass marks in the same examination. One takes the extreme step of committing suicide and the other one takes it as a life-lesson and devotes himself wholeheartedly to come out with flying colors the next time. The former is emotionally weak, whereas the latter is emotionally intelligent. There are too may people around us whom we can observe to find the perfect embodiment of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a trait of character that doesn't come by itself but it needs to be acquired with practice and perseverance. If you are aware of your weaknesses and flaws, the good news is that you can be emotionally intelligent if you try. Self awareness is thus the first step in the direction of being emotionally intelligent. If you are aware of what you are doing, and how your actions will affect you and the people around you, you are then moving in the right direction.



Self awareness itself is not sufficient when it comes to being emotionally intelligent. You must regulate your actions by keeping an eye on what you do and why you do something repeatedly or in other words why you behave in a particular way when it comes to facing some situation or circumstances of your life.

This way you can control your emotions and it will enable you to get rid of unwanted or negative emotions. Self regulation thus means that you always think before you act or react in the heat of the moment. Whenever we get emotionally agitated or emotionally excited, we must strive to keep our cool and always wait for a while before taking any rash decision or reckless step. People who get carried away by emotional outburst always make mistakes and they have to repent later on which further leads to embarrassment for them.

It is important to note that we cannot change people. They will do what they want irrespective of whether we like it or not. It is not in our hands to control the actions and behavior of others. All we can do is to make a change in our own character and behavior. However difficult it may seem to us in the very beginning, we must not forget that a small step taken by us can bring about a great change in our personality. The easiest thing that we can think of doing is to make effort towards changing our own behavior.


We must start by removing our negative emotions. When we become strongly aware of our weaknesses and strengths, we must work towards removing our flaws. We must focus on recognizing our qualities and our wholehearted efforts should be directed to strengthen those qualities of character. We must focus on making our positive actions our habits and if we succeed in doing so, we will definitely become emotionally intelligent.


Thus an emotionally intelligent person has far better control over his emotions and feelings than an emotionally unstable person. He does not behave in a rash or reckless manner as he has trained himself to be in control of his negative emotions. He is more skilled at dealing with difficult people and intricate situations around him. He doesn't get perplexed by the ups and downs of life as he is equipped with the wherewithal to deal with the unpleasant circumstances of his life.

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