It's Time to Level-Up! DeversiFi NFT Competition & Giveaway -- Layer-2 Pepe

By Ben | DeversiFi | 22 Mar 2021

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you'll have noticed that "Layer-2" is an ever increasing and crucial part of the Ethereum roadmap than before. Vitalik Buterin himself wrote a great deal about it in his blog post, highlighting the importance of Layer-2 here.

In celebration of Layer-2’s growth we're distributing a series of exclusive and rare NFTs that symbolise and encode into the Ethereum blockchain the immutable moment that is your own Layer-2 early-adopter status. 

We see you! 

So how can you win a Layer-2 Pepe?

Every week just 5 limited-edition Layer-2 Pepes will be available to community members who made the jump to layer 2-in some form or another. It could be that you joined the DeversiFi Discord or maybe you made a swap on the DeversiFi DEX. Either way, every week there'll be a fun and new challenge which you can engage with for a chance to win an exclusive NFT.


How many will exist?

Only 100 Layer-2 Pepes will ever be minted, each with a unique serial number!

  • Serial numbers 1-15 are reserved for those who have supported DeversiFi since launch.
  • Serial number 16-100 are community Layer-2 Pepes and are up for grabs in the weekly draws.
  • 5 Pepes will be given away each week until all 100 are gone!

The official Layer-2 Pepe collection can be found and followed on the popular OpenSea platform here. But please be conscious of any scammers trying to sell fake editions.

The Pepe Graphics have been designed by the artist collective known as Animus. 

Recently, we discovered the original TEST version of Layer-2 pepe reaching 0.85 ETH in bid offers on OpenSea! 

DeversiFi may or may not sell this NFT, but if it does, the proceeds will go to Gitcoin grants. 

Week 1 Challenge

For the full details and instructions, check out the tweet here

Winners will be announced quickly after the closing date. If you are picked as a winner you'll need to DM the DeversiFi Twitter account with your Ethereum address so that we can transfer your Layer-2 Pepe!

Week 2 Challenge

Coming Soon! 

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DeversiFi makes DeFi easy. Swap, Invest and Send without paying Ethereum network fees.

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