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A basic overview and description of the Torum crypto social media

Torum - The Rising Crypto Social Media


Do you know what Torum is? If you're reading this, chances are you at least have some idea. 

From a quick glance, Torum seems similar to many other traditional social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. 

However, Torum is different in its overview of being, quote, "a one-stop social media platform specially built for cryptocurrency communities around the world." 

The concept is simple. Torum is striving to not only be a social media but one centered around Cryptocurrency and all included within its wide range of topics.

These can range from specific Clans centered around specific coins, trading styles, and more.

The user base, although small, is continuously growing. With more and more users each day, the content added continues to improve. 

One of the most significant aspects that Torum brings to the table is the rewarding of cryptocurrency to its users in the form of XTM tokens. 

This reward system is based on tasks such as daily sign in, liking a # of post, commenting, etc.


Along with simple actions like these, users can be awarded XTM tokens from other users if they find their content worth giving too.

These gifts come with preset amounts, but it is the names that individuals tend to notice more such as HODL, Smol Clap, Sushi Bundle, Bitcoin Pizza, just to name a few. These gifts can be collected until you reach a certain amount to obtain a collectible card.  

Currently, the XTM token is not listed on any exchange. However, if someone is looking to be an early investor the pre-sale is live and sitting at just under 47% at the time of writing. 

The minimum amount required is 20,000 XTM which equals out to $1,000 USDT (20,000 x 0.05 = 1000) 

Personal opinion of Torum:

I have currently been using it for about 2 weeks and so far I enjoy it. 

There have been some issues with the speed because of the large increase of users but the team has consistently been open and responsive to this. 

The content can be improved upon with more dedicated users and creators.

One major complaint and drawback that has been brought up is the need for a phone number upon sign up but this is largely done in hopes of preventing abuse of the XTM rewards system and spamming. 

Whatever your opinion is on the phone number topic, I find it to be an interesting addition to the crypto space. Am I willing to put $1000 of my interest into it? The answer is no. 

But you'll catch me using it and staying tuned for more changes and advancements. 

All links are provided below for both signing up to Torum and taking a look at the presale + details of XTM. 

If you're looking to sign up with Torum feel free to use my referral code and follow me. 

Code: devoonthedog

As always, thank you for your time. Stay informed, stay educated. 

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