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By derbycuzxrp | CRYPTO Talk XRP | 12 Jan 2022

PIPEFLARE price as of 2022/01/12

WHAT IS pipeflare

pipeflare is a online community where blockchain enthusiasts, Gamers, NFTs and technology lovers can meet well at least that's what they are say on the site. But it is a site that has real faucets. You can earn crypto ZEC, Matic and 1FLR tokens from the faucet these are available between 24 and 36 hour a time. ZEC is withdrawn automatically to your chose ZEC wallet mine being coinbase these withdrawals happen on a weekly basis when you are a free member. Matic has a 0.25 minimum withdrawal limit and 1FLR has to be withdrawn manually to a polygon associated wallet more on this later. There are another 4ways to earn tokens. From playing arcade games you receive tokens, airdrops that happen monthly and referrals earn you extra tokens as well. These methods will be broken down later in the article. 


PipeFlare payout are supported by the following wallets officially. 

1) Metamask

2) Brave wallet 

3) D'cent

4) Trust wallet

For direct payment and Quickswap is the official exchange all though I have been getting payments directly into my coinbase wallet without any issues. 



Tite claims partnerships with the following companies. 



3) Zapper

4) 11 minutes 

How these partnerships work are not really explained but it does show that the site has potential for more partnerships in the future 


The site is growing with 65000 plus daily users and 750000 memberships. Its claims to become the #1 P2E platform and has backing from Digital Currency Group, ZEN blockchain foundation and Horizen labs. The team behind plPipeFlair include Phds, laywers, Harverd MBAs, professors and veterans. 

Web 3.0 integration 

PPipeFlare are aiming at integrating their market place on web 3.0 allowing users to store their NFTs in their metamask wallets and sell them on opensea or any other polygon compatible market place. 

What Are Flare Tokens? | PipeFlare

1FLR token 

The token was created by a member who thought it to be a fun way to reward members on the site. 1FLR partnered with PipeFlare in 2021 it now partners the whole NFTs, gaming platform. 


PPipeFlare have lot of exciting and interesting ideas and plans 2022-roadmaps

The most notable one's being NFT bundles, user generated NFT bundles, NFT staking and the PipeFlare scholarship program. All these plans are available here 2022-roadmaps



They are looking at creating a 1FLR burning mechanism, increase the use case of 1FLR and making 1FLR more widely available for the public markets. These plans include games that require 1FLR to play, leaderboard rewards that only 1FLR holders can participate in buying of in game NFTs using only 1FLR and buying of a magicbox giving exciting in-game upgrade NFTs using only 1FLR. 

pipeflare SDK  

They are attempting to lure more global game development to create P2E games using the PipeFlare SDK the studio will aim to help developers to ad code and transform any game into a P2E game having 1FLR to issue the players, these game developers will have to refill their 1FLR as they run out in game.

PipeFlare - Online Arcade And Gaming Community



There are 8 games on the site already that earns members 1FLR Tokens  with Flarehits on Google play games. They are aiming at having 30 games o the network by the 3Q of 2022 they have a a to be the biggest P2E network globally 


TThe site give you daily faucets to claim with the ability to to ad NFTs to get a bigger Faucet claim. 

To get added daily rewards in the PipeFlare Faucet, you can:


PipeFlare: Pagos diarios (todo el mundo) |

PipeFlare Review: A Fun Way to Earn Free Crypto

PipeFlare Airdrops 

They have a number of monthly Airdrops with majority of them requiring you to become a supporter to be eligible for the drops


There is a nice reward program for referrals on 


PipeFlare staking

Staking is available on the platform with some nifty NFTs and extra perks giving you the ability to earn 46% returns APY. 1FLR will be growing in price with the more use of the token being made available giving you a great option to save and stake your earned 1FLR Tokens 

All in all the network has great potential and will be growing fast in the next year or two if you want to join follow my Referral link and let's earn together

That's all from me Derbycuzxrp till next time 





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