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No one got rich from nothing . Work it it works if you work it so just keep doing it

By derbycuzxrp | CRYPTO Talk XRP | 3 Apr 2021

Don't call me lucky

When we are in the hardest of times ever we never give up. Never give up... 

My name is Derbycuzxrp I have been passionate about blockchain and Crypto for long but only started looking into trading mining and earning Crypto this year with my first experience of publishOx early as last week . 

My love for Crypto currency has been building but I never had the time or passion to learn about blockchain at all. It was  after hard lockdown last year when I was passionate and unsure of anything . I made the decision to educate my self and made the goal of earning 3x my salary 130000zar (+- 870$) =1x

It's been hard with me sometime giving up on my dream. But preservation of the future got me to always focus on the end goal making the work that much more easier and enjoyable .

I have a YouTube channel https://youtu.be/8qcvmQ0edFs 

I'm on twitter


this is a dream I've been having and i am wanting to put all my effort and time into reviewing all alt coin blockchains as well as this new venture 

a family man with a 3 year old he is my life and reason for all I do .

With the knowledge and wisdom i have ill be games and apps claiming to reward users with crypto coins 

i have the time and did all the required tasks why then waist your time come read my blog and find out all legit faucet games apps and everything inbetween ifyou want a review of a platform juts request a review from me and ill make sure to publish within 3 days 

till next time 

toooooo the mooooooon lambo


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A Blockchain enthusiasts who is at the starting point of trading on certain platforms and believe in xrp as I educate my self to educate the world


This blog helps make the crypto market understandable. I dwell deep into the connections and speculate on the future of XRP using wisdom and knowledge i trade the market and publish my results with detailed analysis . disclaimer I am not a financial adviser nothing here is financial advice or suggestions I am only expressing my own actions for entertainment purposes A journey to generational wealth starts with truth. Ignorance holds the seed to wisdom. In man lies the seed of the universe .

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