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By derbycuzxrp | CRYPTO Talk XRP | 20 Jan 2022


ADA has been doing good during this bearish conditions in the last week thiis could be because of the launch of thier meta verse pavia.

It would seem that ADA grew this week thanks to the public hype of Pavia, this could bring even more growth as Pavia starts to lure more users and land is sold on the metaverse platform. This is a great respose for Cardano as the blockchain has been under lots of critisism in the past motnhs. Most users where wanting to know about NFT's and the smart contract capabilties of the project . 



Cardano has made huge strides in the defi space with nearly $3 mllion locked up in Cardano based defi-protocols.

Whats more the launch of Pavia has put them into the NFT space and with more projects on the horizon .

Clay Mates, Yummi Universe, Spacebudz, Pavia, and Cardano Kidz these are some of the projects Cardano wll be launching soon. 

Pavia website said ''Create, explore and trade in the first-ever Cardano virtual world owned by its users. ''

The project also took to its roots with the name of the metaverse project with the Pavia website sayng ''In September 1501 Pavia Italy was the birthplace of Gerolamo (Jerome) Cardano, whom the Cardano blockchain project was named after. 2021 sees the launch of which is a metaverse being built on Cardano. It seems fitting to name our virtual world Pavia.'' And thats why it was launched 15/01 you know the year of Gerolamo Cardano


The metaverse has a total of 100,000 land plots with 60,000 allready sold in the first and second landsale. the project is in the infant stage with lots still to come. The land plots are Cardano NFT's (CNFT) that are based on the coordinates in the world. With the ability to create 3x3 or larger estates and image adding cabibility. states that due to regulartory issues players from the US and UK where ubable to partcpate  the first two land sales.

now in December 2020 there was a snapshot airdrop that saw land owners being funded with $PAVIA native tokens. Tokens can not be bought from the website and Pavia Corp will give liquidity for these free tokens untill they are live on  Cardano.DEX .

The last Land sale will happen in the 1Q of 2022 with the price of a land token being around 39 ADA. 

pavia_road_map.svg check out the road map of the metaverse.



There is 2,000,000,000 $PAVIA tokens that where minted in DEC 2021

and they will be distributed in the following ways.

1) Community air drop

25% of the native tokens was airdroped to the buyers of land n the first two land sales as a thank you for buying land.

2) Liquidity and Utilty 

25% willbe introduced in phases, with multiple mechanisms being A) public sale of token B) in game rewards C)with a P2E incentive D)liqudity offers through DEX's 

3) Project Development and Ecosystem

30% of the token wll be reserved for developing and maintaining the ecosystem 

4) Pavia Team and Advisors

20% of tokens will be allocated to Founders, Team, Advisors and Investors.
These tokens will unlock in accordance with a schedule to be announced.


In the end of the day the launch has put Cardano in a better place with SANDBOX and DECETRAland not being launched that long ago. ADA community members believe it will be a fierce competitor to the other projects and I feel they are spot on . Yes t is early days and things are not set in stone but it has allready made a diffrence in the price of ADA , with the price down 50% from the ATH and 40% land still to be bought only time will give us an idea of  whats is to come 

Thats all from me Derbycuzxrp at least for today till next time






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