A inter dimensional analysis of Life to come

By derbycuzxrp | CRYPTO Talk XRP | 7 May 2021


So sort and sweet is always the easiest way to get the task done. In my honest opinion though the more information on the subject the better the chances it brings  more enthusiastic and inquisitive feel for the readers.

Give enough not to much. Now I'm not saying bombard the readers with extensive information about the platform as it will frighten most away from the platform as it gives the idea of it being to difficult to understand or use it's just to remember.

Maybe a more deeper introduction on the company you feel like writing or talking about. The platform's details are crucial. How does it work? What are the fundamental real life issues or problems the blockchain technology is actively or directly solving or attempting to solve? Where is the money coming from? People need to know about the origin to have a personal or metal reaction to a new or improved product or platform well basically everything is made on that principal. That's way a brand makes a huge hype over a change in the brand's colour, symbol and design always attempting to reassure the consumer with slogans like same great taste new look, or it might appear different but inside it is still the same as it's always been the way you love it. It makes it easier for people to associate with the brand .




We always have a opinion and If a idea doesn't get my inner self interested chances are I won't listen, know or even want to learn about it at all. When introducing a blockchain platform to your readers make sure the know about the origin, the company , the objective and the road taken to reach this critical point in the development and implementation of the technology.

Maybe a quick note about the wallet and fees and limits associated to the wallet. Other utilities, services,products and solutions the Blockchain is addressing or close to accomplishing. Why should the reader spend the time to look at the platform and join . Not every meme coin like Dodge will reach the price of Dodge so why is it a great platform to invest my time effort and attention into.







Ignorance holds the seed to wisdom. Yet stupidity holds the seed of nothing. For you can learn what you don't know you can't force the knowledge into a person by force or aggression. A stupid person is the waist and benefits no-one . Knowledge without wisdom is folly better not to know than to know and be confused as confusion leads to procrastination and that is the seed of unrest, boubt, uselessness and last but truly the worst of them all lazy-ness witch kills a man, deeply penetrating the core of his being.


For in stone and earth you find the seed of man and in man leis the seed of a universe.


We are all learning building evolving into the people the system wants , a sheeple too scared to think or learn for our self.

A prison without guards walls or a warden. For we are all in the prison and we are all the guards, the wardens, the walls and the cells.

We police and control our self according to the sanctioned and controlled mainstream media .

Taking in all the false and negative energy we loose our sights on the end goal . One step a day make the road feel less painful .

Desired results and experience gives us a smooth tranquil approach on achieving the goals and objectives we set out for our self.

Let people make a educated and informed decision. Making it big in the future all depends on the attention to detail.

But that being said I am only raising my opinion to try inspire creativity to bloom .

Please don't take it as a insult . The fact is my opinion is just that an opinion and not a fact cause the fact is your opinion might be better or not it is still only an opinion and the only fact is that it stays just that an opinion until you can back it up with educated facts.

That's all from me Derbycuzxrp


Have a great day make life happen don't wait for it take it .

Till next time tooooooooo the moooooooooon laaaammmmmbbbbbooooo


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A Blockchain enthusiasts who is at the starting point of trading on certain platforms and believe in xrp as I educate my self to educate the world


This blog helps make the crypto market understandable. I dwell deep into the connections and speculate on the future of XRP using wisdom and knowledge i trade the market and publish my results with detailed analysis . disclaimer I am not a financial adviser nothing here is financial advice or suggestions I am only expressing my own actions for entertainment purposes A journey to generational wealth starts with truth. Ignorance holds the seed to wisdom. In man lies the seed of the universe .

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