Information regarding Milk Teeth for First-time Parents

By Satan19 | Dentostory | 31 Aug 2020

Have you ever argued which of your baby's teeth will fall out and which won't? This might be a common topic of discussion when the first-time parents meet the others. Seeing cavities and black spots on a child's teeth have you ever thought "they are just baby teeth, new, white, and shiny teeth will replace them later". Have you ever wondered when will they be replace? There are some common facts about baby teeth you ought to know.


The term "diphyodont" refers to two sets of teeth. Human beings have two sets of teeth. The first set of teeth to be seen in the mouth is the primary or deciduous or milk teeth and the other is succedaneous or permanent teeth.

Milk teeth, though these teeth erupt at around the age of 6 months postnatally, they begin to form prenatally at about 14 weeks in utero and are completed postnatally at about 3 years of age. All these 20 milk teeth will be replaced by the age of 11-12 years.

Set of Milk Teeth with Age and Sequence of Eruption.

The second set of teeth, Permanent dentition, consists of 32 teeth. They start replacing the Milk Teeth from the age of 6 years.

Age for the Replacement of the Milk teeth by Permanent Teeth.


It is important for first-time parents to remember that all these 20 sets of Milk Teeth are replaced by Permanent Teeth until and unless, there is any anamoly.


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