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By CrazyDelver | Delving101 | 30 Mar 2022

This app is very similar to the free bitcoin cash app.

You get the same free spins every hour, no watching of ads required. You can however watch an ad for the bonus game or for free spins, personally I find that the free spins are worth it more (if I watch any at all, I hate ads).

You can also fill in surveys or play games for Litoshi, which are fairly lucrative compared to most.

They're legit and if you really want to you can use it ad-free, it's free to download, so two thumbs up for this app.

Nothing to quit your job over but it is a nice low-effort trickle income.

Here's a referral link for a quick start:

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Trying mining apps, cloud earning apps and so on, passive earning interests me to supplement the trading I'm doing. Also I want to help people who can't afford to spend money on crypto to find a free way to get into it without getting scammed.


My delving experiences, good and bad.... unfortunately there have been more bad than good, but I hope I can at least help other people out by showing them what not to do.

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