🍴 When to Fork a Blockchain
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🍴 When to Fork a Blockchain

By Stuart Hollinger | DeFiKnowledge | 28 Mar 2021

 To fork or not to fork? That is the question — Stuart

The benefits to forking an entire blockchain like ethereum are obvious, but doing so is not so simple.


A fork requires a majority of the network to upgrade to the latest version, and all the nodes must be running the same code. The ethereum blockchain has thousands of nodes, and a lot of them are running Geth, the software that implements the ethereum virtual machine. Geth is where decentralized applications (apps) and smart contracts are deployed to the network, and it is the network’s only implementation of the ethereum virtual machine. The rest of the network is running Parity, another ethereum implementation. Morden told CoinDesk that he doubts the ethereum blockchain will be forked because it is not easy to do, but he added, “I’m a little surprised it wasn’t forked when the DAO hack happened.” “It could be possible, although it would be very difficult to get consensus. It’s not impossible to execute a hard fork, but it’s very difficult,” he said. A fork of bitcoin, the original blockchain, occurred when a new cryptocurrency called bitcoin cash was created.

When do you Fork?

Forking a blockchain refers to the founding of a protocol that is similar to that of its parent, in the sense that entries, in our case transactions, are written into blocks and verified by miners on a peer-to-peer network before being added to the blockchain. This can be done by copying the underlying code/architecture and setting up the required node infrastructure.

Forking blockchains are most efficient when they are used to solve problems that arise from the parent’s chain design. For instance, one of the most pressing issues in Bitcoin today is scalability. Simply put, there are currently too many transactions being made every day that the network can support without having to pay additional fees for processing a transaction. If this problem is not solved now it could very well kill the entire system by making it too costly to use.

There are many blockchain competitors to ethereum and bitcoin. The Polkadot blockchain for instance is one of the top competitors and brings some unique features that the others don’t.


PolkaDot: a multi-chain framework for an efficient blockchain ecosystem

Polkadot uses the para chain to connect multiple blockchains together, which are all connected to each other in a spiderweb-like manner. It creates interoperability between different blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. This means that the two chains can communicate with each other and transfer data or even value between the two chains. Polkadot makes sure that we don’t need to have separate tokens for different cryptocurrencies but instead use them all through transactions on Polkadot’s blockchain environment.

Polkadot is one of the closest competitors to Ethereum.

It has a lot of potential to be one of the best blockchains that will solve actual problems and challenges facing blockchain technology. It also competes with other blockchains such as Cardano, ICON, EOS, LISK , Aeternity, and many others. There are also some interesting competitors outside of the crypto space like IOTA which is a centralized blockchain but has real-world applications with IoT technologies. This means that you can transfer data or value on this blockchain without any fees making it one of the highest potential blockchain projects out there!


I personally think ethereum will be the most popular blockchain long-term because it has a lot of serious backing from big corporate and is a more versatile as well as a more flexible blockchain. The ethereum blockchain is one of the most popular blockchain networks in the world today. It is also the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the world behind bitcoin. It was initially designed to allow developers to build applications on top of the blockchain. However, the blockchain has also become a platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Ethererum’s popularity has led to the development of a plethora of decentralized applications and smart contracts on the network. As such, a lot of developers are now interested in the platform. Ethereum has also become popular due to its faster transaction speeds and lower transaction costs. It also boasts of a more decentralized mining network when compared to bitcoin. This is due to the fact that ethereum’s mining is more ASIC resistant. This means that individuals with regular computers can mine the cryptocurrency. A lot of individuals have turned to ethereum as opposed to bitcoin due to these reasons.

Additionally, a lot of developers are choosing to build applications based on ethereum as opposed to other blockchain networks. This means that as time progresses, the number of developers working with ethereum will increase. This will also lead to the creation of more DApps (decentralized applications) on the platform. The main reason for the ethereum blockchain’s popularity is its adaptability. It can be used for a variety of applications that are based on blockchain technology. This is a major reason why a lot of developers are choosing to build on top of the ethereum blockchain.


In an interview with Bloomberg, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of ethereum, explained that bitcoin is not currently the best blockchain network in the world. He said that while bitcoin is still the best cryptocurrency in the world, the bitcoin blockchain is not the best blockchain in the world. This is because it was designed to run as a cryptocurrency network and not as a platform for DApps or smart contracts. Buterin said that the major hurdle that the bitcoin blockchain faces is the amount of time it takes to process transactions. He also said that bitcoin’s programming language is not designed to handle many of the applications that developers want to build on top of the network. This is why they have decided to build on top of ethereum. Buterin said that the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy. He also said that the cryptocurrency market will eventually be a multi-trillion dollar market. He said that the cryptocurrency market will be at that level in about a decade. Buterin further added that the ethereum blockchain is still at its early stages as well and that a lot of issues still need to be addressed.

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