📊 Cryptocurrency Trading - Tips for Beginners
crypto trading tips

📊 Cryptocurrency Trading - Tips for Beginners

By Stuart Hollinger | DeFiKnowledge | 14 Apr 2021

There are a lot of resources for you to learn this topic, and in this article, we will try to collect the most crucial tips from such resources for beginners.


Cryptocurrency Trading — Tips for Beginners

Cryptocurrency trading on the stock exchange will not become your primary income, and it will not be a means of earning a living. After all, the exchange in itself is a popular market, which is gaining its own following and attracts people who are not concerned about earning 10,000% per annum but are focused on a stable income over a long period of time. In order to proceed successfully with cryptocurrency trading, it is necessary to be wary of comparing it with the stock market in the traditional sense. The main differences are that the stock exchange is regulated by one body (SEC, for example), but the cryptocurrency exchanges are regulated by various authorities, so you should better be attentive to it. Other differences include the types of assets you can exchange. Cryptocurrency exchanges work with various kinds of crypto assets, but the stock exchanges of the traditional economy only work with the usual local fiat money.

Why Should I Trade Crypto?

If you have never traded with cryptocurrencies, and you are interested in cash, it’s worth trying yourself in this direction. At the moment, you can start with Coinbase, but in the future, you will have to choose a real exchange, to work with. Here are the main topics that you should understand and know when you are diving into cryptocurrency trading:

Cryptocurrencies behave according to market trends and are affected by the same factors:

  • Demand for the particular cryptocurrency by the market participants.
  • Analysis and forecasts regarding the future of the respective cryptocurrency, and also regarding the prospects of the whole market.
  • The impact of external factors (including legislative, political, economical, and technological factors).
  • The current trends of the broader economy.


If you would like to try out cryptocurrency trading, you should:

  1. Choose cryptocurrencies to trade — First, you should pick out some cryptocurrencies to trade. Understand, how the prices of these cryptocurrencies are changing. Here you can use cryptocurrency price trackers. You can also make an analysis of the news that surrounds these cryptocurrencies. This news can influence the whole cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency exchanges have their own market, and you should uncover the nuances of the cryptocurrency market. In this way, you can find ways to profit.
  2. Never Over-invest — It’s a very common mistake of beginner crypto traders: they invest more than they can afford to lose. The cryptocurrency exchanges are not regulated and they can disappear at any moment. Keep in mind that you might find yourself losing all your money with a click of a button. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. It’s risky to invest in something where you can lose everything and the volatility is really high. So, take your time.
  3. Practice Margin Trade with “Play” money — If you find yourself comfortable with trading cryptocurrency on margin, try margin trading with some fiat on altcoin exchanges. By doing this, you will understand how margin trading works in practice. Binance and KuCoin are two exchanges where you can try margin trading for free.
  4. Learn how to set stop losses — Those, who have never traded with cryptocurrencies, should learn how to set stop losses. Setting stop losses will save you from all kinds of risks. And this is quite important factor if you want to succeed in cryptocurrency trading. You just have to figure out when to sell or buy a cryptocurrency. This is such an important step because you don’t want to lose all your hard-earned money.
  5. Learn how to manage losses — When you start trading with cryptocurrencies, you might experience losses. That’s fine, but, to be a successful trader, you should know how to manage these losses. In order to do this, you should learn how to set take profit levels. If you are going to miss a good opportunity, you should not feel bad about it. It may take some time to learn how to manage your losses. After all, it’s a very important step if you want to become a successful trader.
  6. Start trading small — The same applies as in forex for beginners. You need to start small, and you will have to add more funds if you are doing well. You should not start with a lot of money, otherwise, if something goes wrong, you will lose a lot of money.
  7. Learn how to risk-manage your trades — If you want to succeed in cryptocurrency trading and make a profit, you should learn how to risk-manage. This is the main principle of cryptocurrency trading, and it’s the same in traditional trading.
  8. Start with Practice — You can start by practicing trading on a stock exchange, for example, on the Polish stock exchanges WSE or GPW. After that, you can trade real money on cryptocurrency exchanges. You should keep in mind that the impact of news and external factors is much higher on the cryptocurrency market.

How can I profit from crypto trading?

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and can be extremely profitable for investors who take advantage of the changes in prices. When you are trading cryptocurrencies you need to be able to understand how volatility affects your trading.


Volatility in cryptocurrencies

The most important advantage of cryptocurrency trading is the potential for profits. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and there is a huge potential for profits if you know what you are doing. There are times when you can earn a few hundred percent profits in just a few short hours. This is not a risk-free option, and there is always a chance that you could lose everything. However, if you know what you are doing, you can make some serious money here.

The fact that cryptocurrency trading is decentralized

Another huge advantage of cryptocurrency trading is the fact that it is decentralized. This means that there is no company or government controlling it. This also means that there are not any specific regulations. This does mean that you need to be careful, and you must understand the risks. It also means that you will not have to deal with any third parties, and you will be able to trade with ease.

It is the way of the future

One of the most compelling reasons to consider cryptocurrency trading is the fact that this is how the future will work. Cryptocurrency trading is the future of online currency trading. This is one of the fastest-growing markets, and it is expected to continue growing. It is also expected to continue to grow in value, and this will make it an even more attractive investment for many people.

Good luck with your crypto investments! Thanks for reading :)

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