UpBots x KuCoin Trading Competition

By DecentralizeCrowd | DeFiBlock | 25 Nov 2020

UpBots represents an all-in-one platform aiming to facilitate seamless cryptocurrency trading for both beginners and advanced users. To do this, the company is developing a series of advanced trading tools and innovative features as highlighted later on. Today, UpBots has announced the commencement of a rewarding trading contest. 

Inside UpBots’ Trading Competition

UBXT tokens represent an integral part of UpBots’ operations. These tokens can be utilized as a means of payment for UpBots services, but can also be staked to receive a whopping annual percentage return of 25%. Furthermore, UBXT is also suitable for trading, as its price is bound to vary as UpBots readies the platform for its full-scale launch. 

Traders aiming to capitalize on UBXT tokens should keep in mind that UpBots is officially launching a KuCoin-based trading competition that will kick off on the 24th of November. With a prize pool of over $25,000, it only makes sense that crypto enthusiasts worldwide are gearing up to take part in the trading contest.

The platform has announced that the contest will run until the 1st of December, so for one week. During this timeframe, KuCoin account holders who trade UBXT pairs will be eligible to obtain considerable prizes. 2.5 million UBXT tokens will be split across two reward pools - one pool will be targeting advanced traders whereas the other one will be suited for beginners. 

Regarding the 1st prize pool, the winner will be determined based on their UBXT trading volume. The top 30 traders will access a pool worth about $12,000 in UBXT tokens, whereas the top-ranking trader will obtain 160,000 UBXT. 

The 2nd prize pool was designed to reward traders based on their participation. Since it’s suited for beginners, users do not have to trade too much. Rather, they must only meet two requirements - achieve a trading volume of 20,000 tokens on the UBXT/USDT pair and add the pair into the KuCoin favourite list. The prize pool will be distributed evenly to all traders who meet these criteria. 

What to expect from UpBots?

UpBots represents a Swiss-built and blockchain-based trading ecosystem aiming to simplify crypto, DeFi, forex, and commodities trading. UpBots facilitates integrated trading on both centralized and decentralized exchanges while granting users access to multiple next-gen tools, contained within a simple but beautiful interface. 

UpBots provides support for advanced trading algorithms. Customers can either build their own bots or rent out algorithms created by other developers. Trading bots are well-known for simplifying trading as they act without emotion according to predetermined parameters. 

Users can also access extensive decision support, a marketplace for trading signals, alongside social copy-trading features. These tools are especially appropriate for beginners, as it’s always best to learn from experienced traders. However, learning is also facilitated through UpBots’ knowledge base, which enables beginners to learn more about the trading market at their own pace. 

UpBots has already launched its minimum viable product (MVP) and is rapidly advancing towards the release of the all-inclusive trading ecosystem. 

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