Dfinance, the no-code financial instrument protocol gets listed on Uniswap

By DecentralizeCrowd | DeFiBlock | 21 Oct 2020


Dfinance’s XFI token got listed and approved on the Uniswap decentralized exchange yesterday, and now anybody can provide liquidity to the ETH/XFI trading pair through Uniswap AMM. The token started trading at $0.15 per token and has grown by 7.28% in just one day. 

For those that do not know, Dfinance is a decentralized protocol that enables anybody to create financial instruments using no code. They are leveraging technology that Facebook wanted to use to create their product. 

It’s still in early access, but I’m excited to see what will be possible with their solution. Imagine if anybody could, regardless of whether they are a technological genius or a farmer, plucked from the fields to create their financial instruments, clubs, DAOs, and blockchains, all using simple, everyday language. 

From what I was researching, they are working to develop a solution that will provide easy integrations with other projects, such as Cosmos, Libra, Chainlink, and probably the rest of the Substrate-based projects Polkadot, StaFi, Polymath, 0x. 

I believe that since they are including Libra and Cosmos, they will most likely be fully cross-chain.

They say that you can use the product to also make decentralized exchanges for yourself as easy as snapping your fingers. And not just for DeFi tokens or crypto, but also for real-world assets such as artwork and even property! This is one of the biggest reasons why I think it’s an excellent investment. 

If this works out, this project is going 100x. 

The team behind Dfinance is known and transparent, and they’ve been working in crypto since 2013 on projects like Wings DAO, Lisk, Ark, Beam MW, Spondoolies, and Crypti. So it doesn’t surprise me that they want to empower developers to create their as fast as possible. According to them, Facebook’s Move language is robust, effective, and anybody can learn it. 

And they mean anybody, as in using “no code!”

Naturally, I’m not expecting this to happen overnight, but I’m thrilled they launched their tokens so I can get in early, pile up a small stash, and whatever happens, happens.

I’m already invested, so please pardon the hype! If you are (or know) a technically capable person, I would appreciate it if you can have a look at this project and let me know what you think. I’ve seen these no-code solutions appear everywhere.

Is “no-code” the future of blockchain?

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