Which investment is good: Bitcoin (BTC) vs Binance coin (BnB)

Investment analysis is the most thing i enjoy on these planet, i take my time comparing and contrasting different types of investment assets so that my portfolio will be looking great. There are a lot of combinations out there but today we are going to look at only two, which is Bitcoin and Binance coin.


It was created in 2009 by satoshi nakamoto and when it was on the market the price was $0.02 per coin, but by that time only a few people knew about its. Even me i never thought it will be were it is today, if i knew i would have been a billionaire by now but i lacked sight and did not grab the opportunity. I started investing in Bitcoin around 2016 and that time i felt like it was too let to invest in bitcoin because the prizes were high.

Just because it was the leading alt-coin on the market some coins were created correcting the mistakes of bitcoin e.g, volatility, transaction fees. People hate Banks because of their transaction practices so as bitcoin, people always complain about the transaction cost of bitcoin its too expensive and for that reason another investment assets with tempting features has to be considered.



Not everyone thought binance coin would make noise in the crypto markets but if you had look closely you would have seen that it was a good investment. With a total supply of 170,532,785 coin supply it surpassed ripple and its now sitting on number 3 on the market list. It has a good market capitalization of  and with that it can promise a good yield in the near future.

Last year around august the price of BnB WAS $16 per coin but now its $500, you can imagine what its going to b next. BnB has an advantage of the binary coin exchange platform, it made people to trust the BnB coin that is why their price is always rising and it will keep on rising. I am sure you can see why Binance coin is the good investment asset as compared to bitcoin.

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