What Polkadot is all about and its future

Polkadot is a decentralized open source blockchain Protocol which allows data sharing, token transfers, assets and also connet public and private chains through its multi-chain network.

How Does it work?

Since it is a multi-chain it supports different chains to operate on a single network allowing file and information sharing amongst users. It is also special because it is secure and scalable.


Features and Future

  • Supply              :1,083,456,725
  • Capitalization   :$22,103,452,931
  • Price                  :$23.22

Since Polkadot is secure and scalable which means it has the advantage of processing more transactions from different chain and this will add more value to its future because a much faster blockchain network is more favorable. Therefore it means there will be higher chances of adoption.

It also has a low supply of 1,083,456,725 DOT with 952,721,495.10 DOT in circulation, then its capitalization is higher which means there is already much adoption and automatically the price is rising. From its price of $2.8 in August 2020 it managed to surge and set an all time high of $49.69 in less than 9 months.


Polkadot has a brighter future ahead of it, the capitalization is good and its features will make it even more powerful and am sure the price will double soon. Its an investment worth looking into.


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