Top 6 DeFi with the Highest Value of Locked Assets

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There is no doubt that DeFi is now making too much noise and its demanding everyone's attention as people always wanted something which is fully decentralized, something which they have a say in. They have always wanted to be part of the future making process. They have placed their total faith on the DeFi and we all know that number do not lie. I just decided to look at the top 5 DeFi with highest number of assets locked.

Here is my lost and it according to the highest on top in relation to numbering and market capitalization followed by the next respectively:

  • Uniswap
  • Polygon
  • Aave
  • Maker
  • Pancake-swap

Uniswap is the DeFi behind the UNI token which is ranked number 11. Uniswap proved to be the giant amongst the rest as it has higher market capitalization in the DeFi category though number of assets locked in their vaults is $5,842,021,189 which happens to the smallest value on the top 5.

Polygon is the new name as it rebranded from Matic. Its capitalization is $13,106,820,663 but has  locked assets with value of $11,080,218,998 which happens to be the second largest.

Aave is the borrowing and Lending protocol which happens to be the biggest and number 1 with assets valued $12,257,687,324 locked in their vaults and its capitalization is $4,917,527,311.

Maker is the third on the list with $9,508,756,606 locked in the vaults. Their token is worth $9,508,756,606 and its capitalization is $3,767,852,397 .

Pancake-swap is the fourth and it has $7,502,949,581 locked in. Its still new and promising and i hope it will soon be in the top 3.

Compound is the last on my list with assets worth $7,902,369,539 locked in the vaults. It has high number of assets locked in than that of Uniswap and Pancake-swap but since i was grouping with market capitalization i put it on the last



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