The future of Chainlink and Uniswap after it has been listed on eToro

For a crypto asset to be well recognized and well trusted by investors and users then iyt means it should get listed on larger exchanges.

Just like what happened with coin-base when it got listed on NASDAQ this brought some positivity on the crypto market as this showed that crypto currencies are being recognized since the biggest crypto exchange was listed on stock exchange.

The crypto market is making huge strides day by day. eToro is a large social trading platform where traders conduct their trading activities and now Chainlink and Uniswap are now listed on it and are now among the traded assets.

How is this gonna make a changes on Chainlink and Uniswap?


This is a large step on the Uniswap and Chainlink as this will bring awareness on these 2 and those who were not aware on these will get to know about it and this will means that the transactions will increase.

If Chainlink and Uniswap keep on being listed on large exchanges then the transactions will surge and therefore capitalization will increase and so as the price. When the crypto market recover from the blow it got fromthe bears then we expect to see a further surge in these 2 DeFi assets and its a win to the crypto currency markets.


Crypto markets has seen another win and we expect to see other crypro assets being listed on the large exchanges and we will see the global market capitalization increasing.

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