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The Dark Side of Swapping and Sending ERC-20 Tokens

I do not know how i should say it but these ERC-20 Tokens owning them is so stressful, It might sound weird but that is the naked truth. Whenever you own them you will be happy that i now have my tokens when the price goes up i will make some money with them.

The most hurtful part you will feel it when you are about to send them or if you want to swap them.

The  Disastrous Adventure

When i withdraw my tokens from publish0x i withdraw them to metamask wallet. So today i decided to check my balance then i discovered that my AMPL Token were short, because i withdrew 10 AMPL but i was shocked when i discovered that the balance was now 8.64 AMPL  and i just wondered what could have happened.

Then i just decided to send my tokens to Trust Wallet because i did not understand what was happening with metatask and this is what i came across:


Imagine after discovering that some of your funds has gone missing without trace and after you decide to send them to another wallet then you see these exorbitant charges for your transaction to be completed. How devastating is this?

For me to send my 8 AMPL which is about $4.14 they want me to pay $39.32 and that is the cheapest and slowest method, if i want it to be fast i have to pay $47.26. Even if i had $50 in my account its not worth it just to waste $39 to get $4.

Maybe i am getting this wrong but these tokens are much worse than the Central Banking in our countries because even if there is no much freedom in the banks but it is better than these gas fees.

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