Short summary on DeFi Tokens that are on road to recovery

Crypto has been drowning deep in the sea since the bears have been charged. Now the global capitalization is showing good signs as we are now sitting on 7.38% which is a sign of improvement. Even Bitcoin has resurrected and now trading above $34.000.

My main concern is on DeFi which has proved to be the biggest player in the industry as it has with 35% since yesterday. We are goin to do a quickk summary on top 3 DeFi in regards to capitalization and ranking in the DeFi sector.


  • Capitalization ;     11%
  • Trading Volume;  19.56%

Uniswap has been trading at the support zone on $16 and is now trading at $17.71. It is showing bullish signs as the support level managed to hold and it will be wise to wait for the price to start trading above $20.5 then it will be a confirmed bullish trend , provided that the zone will give the support on the price.


  • Capitalization    ;  12.53%
  • Trading Volume ;  39.59%

Chainlink has recovered pretty well and the volumes can show us that it has gained much ground as there is more transactions being handled and the price is at a support zone and we expecting it to hold strong and the bulls might rally the price up further from this bullish order block its sitting upon.


  • Capitalization     ;  4.8%
  • Trading Volume  ; 19.77%
  • WBTC is just following suit on BTC as they share the same ground

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