Short Analysis & What to Expect on FARM & Maker

There are certain factors we should consider when we are analyzing crypto currencies. The candlestick patterns, Chart patterns and the price action in general determines the possible move that can be made with a certain crypto asset. We are going to look at Harvest Finance (FARM) & Maker DAO (MAKER).


Farm suffered a major blow as it was overvalued and it was hacked which led to its value falling hard. Its supply of 606,843 FARM justifies its launch price, if you check it has an all time high of $2,236 but now it trading at $54 with a return on investment of -97.51% which is a huge margin.

Currently its trading at what could be a support that's if it manages to hold which i hope it will. I think the price might break and test $140 then that might be a support which will hold it until it reach $313. If it manages to break that price then we might expect a bullish train to take off until it reaches the next stop station.



Maker has fallen from its all time high of $6400 and is now trading at $2,972 and is sitting on a support zone. Its likely to bounce of and break out of the trend-line then will find resistance at $3,760.

With the support it will find at the trend-line it might be able to break above the horizontal line which is our resistance zone and from there we expect it to take off and we will see how it will react when it reaches $5,200.



These are my thoughts on these 2 crypto assets, if you have any other suggestions or opinion feel free to respond in the comment section and i will get back to you.

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