Pros and Cons of Crypto Tokens as Compared to Crypto Coins

A lot are always being caught up on the side of being resistance to change. When something new is introduced on the block it is good to take a glimpse and see if you can benefit directly from it. Whenever there are new things introduced mostly they will outperform their predecessor, currently we have tokens and they are making waves in the markets.

What is the main difference?

They have a difference in the sense that crypto coin are those coins which run on a standalone blockchain e.g Bitcoin and crypto tokens are those coins which run on other blockchains not standalone e.g BitTorrent, Atomic wallet token and these are either ERC-20, BEP e.t.c. For one to send a token he needs gas fee in form of the token whose blockchain is being used, e.g for you to send BEP tokens you need Binance coin and if you want to send ERC-20 you need Ethereum for the transaction to be completed.


Disadvantage of Crypto Tokens

The only thing which is frustrating with Crypto tokens, if it is a BEP token as-long you do not have Binance coin or if it is an ERC-20 and you do not have Ethereum then you will not be able to spend your token and that is so frustrating where as if it it Litecoin or Bitcoin you just use them anytime me without restrictions.

That is why tokens can not be used as a method of payment. I got 35AWC-BEP and i wanted to send it to Binance so that i can convert it to BitTorrent as it has a brighter future and i couldn't because i didn't have Binance in my Atomic Wallet until i bought some Binance and the process is so time consuming and hectic .

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