Presearch (PRE) Token another Investment Opportunity Worthy looking into

Sometimes exploring different things can lead you to greater opportunities. When computers were introduced the Microsoft Explorer Browser was the most popular used and google as the search engine but later on other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome came to light and they are now the most used browsers.

As we know Technology is improving each and every day, with new things being introduced day by day. People are now getting paid for just surfing the internet, isn't it so great?

Indeed it is, i first encountered this on Brave browser were you browse and you are paid BAT Tokens just to watch Ads then on crypto tab browser but this one i never liked it i don't know why. There is another opportunity which has risen i am sure you wouldn't want to miss this one.


What is Presearch?

It is a search engine which is decentralized. It rewards it users for surfing the net with their browser. It is listed on coin market cap and is already being traded on the following markets, Kucoin, Uniswap, Probit Exchange and HitBTC so you can get your PRE there. You can also purchase PRE on their website USING Bitcoin, Ethereum or Credit Card and the minimum you can purchase is 1000 PRE.

It is currently being traded for $0.07165 and has a market capitalization of $25,124,144 which is still small though and its maximum supply is 500,000,000 . I see this token has got a bright future ahead, look at BAT Token where its price is now. You shouldn't miss this opportunity because the fact that people are being rewarded for just surfing will give it an urge and there are higher chances of exploding.

If you register you will be rewarded 25PRE bonus Tokens. Check it out here

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