Other Factors which Contribute to Increase in Price & Value of Crypto Assets

Other Factors which Contribute to Increase in Price & Value of Crypto Assets

When you are looking forward to do a perfect investment which will pay your bills late you have to make sure you take your time doing a dip research to see if you are on the right track.

You wouldn't want to buy and hold worthless coins which will not gain value with time , the only thing they do is to lose their value.


As an crypto analysts and investor with an Economic back ground, i tray by all means to make sure that i look at all the fundamentals e.g Supply and Demand which is my top priority and Market capitalization followed by Price. Today i am not going to talk about price but i will share with you another strategy oi use which i see fruitful

Supporting Services Offered

This is another aspect which is so crucial but i doubt if people recognize this, i you are 1 of those who don't look at this i advice you to check it. There are worthless tokens out there with low supply but that doesn't mean that its low supply will create demand and push price up.

Services offered is a game changer, take a look at Trust Wallet Token (TWT) how it sky rocketed from $0.67 to trading above a $1. That token has higher potential because it has a backing wallet and for that the rate of adoption will rise so as the capitalization and price.

Check tokens and coins like BNB, OKEX, Kucoin, Uniswap; these coins has something which creates awareness of it, so everyone will get to know amount that and there are higher chances that price will be pushed up

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