Levels at which Bitcoin will find Support as it is correcting

It is not a joke when its being said 'Whatever goes up must come down', that's the nature. Bitcoin has been rally up for months now and normally when the price is always going up it will surpass minor resistance but when it reaches the main resistance level it will definitely fall is the volumes are low.

I have some years now study the crypto and financial markets and i know how exactly how the markets move. For a certain asset to move there has to be a reason and so as it falls there has to be a reason for that.

What drives price of Bitcoin?

On the crypto exchange there is a platform on which investors chat, they can send messages pumping and dumping coins so as to benefit when the market is volatile. When they do so on the bitcoin they will increase the volumes needed to push it up, but actually there are big whales out there who has impact and drive the price.

When news relating to Bitcoin is released the price of bitcoin will move and the trend is always depending if the news is negative or positive. Normally news just validate the trend, It just finish off the job.


When Bitcoin fell to $58,000 i posted an article saying Bitcoin is in correction phase and not safe to hold, well the day has come now it is down to $43,500 and it is still going down and i am looking forward to buy it when it reached the $36,000 mark. That is were the order block is and from there we start looking for buy opportunities

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