Is Harvest Finance Token Worthy Investing on?

Spotting good altcoins with a possible high return in the long run has been my thing and i have been doing this for about 5years now. Whenever i look at an altcoin i can tel what it can be if we give it time. I will do a brief of what things i consider most when i am looking for a coin and then i will explain a bit further on Harvest Finance(FARM Token)

What determines the future of a Token

  • Market Capitalization
  • Current Price
  • Current Supply

I have an article i wrote a few day back when i explained on these 3 factors so i am not going to explain further on this you can check it out and get the full detail on capitalization, price and supply.

The Fate of Harvest Finance (FARM)


Farm Token is currently being traded at $203.13. It has an all time high of $2,236.04 and an all time low of $71.96 with Return on Investment of -90.7% which is a huge fall. This drastic fall could have been to the fact that FARM Token was over valued so it was devalued first that is why there is a huge fall.

Its capitalization is $109,242,600 and a low supply of 536,315 FARM which is low as compared to that of bitcoin of 18.6million. If Bitcoin managed to reach an all time high of $64,863.10 with its supply you can imagine where FARM can reach with its supply of 536K. Wrapped BTC has a supply of 156,187 WBTC and its price is $50,700 so you can relate.

This Token is a good investment you should consider it and if satisfied you can add it to you portfolio. Hope this will be helpful so others.

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