Is DeFi the new Financial Liberator?

When it comes to liberation most people they know more of Liberation Struggle and it comes as a result of people being oppressed and then they start to be rebellious so as to take down the autocratic power and dictatorships.

When it comes to the financial sector we also need the Financial Liberation because the financial sector we have is centralized and it is controlled by the government with their monetary polices being applied of which they benefit only those at the top and they prey on the poor. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but this is coming to an end.

What is DeFi & How does it work? 

DeFi means Decentralized Finance, as you can see just from its name you can see that it is self explanatory. It provides Decentralized operations in which it gives power to the people not the central government through removing the middleman (Banks) in conducting transactions.

Lets say you want to transact online, the bank will be the middleman because it is the one which will process the transaction. If it wants to reverse the transaction it can simply do so. Other countries banned its residence from sending money abroad which means that their capability of transaction online is hindered, but with DeFi that will be history as it is a game changer.


DeFi tokens are now becoming powerful and well adopted by the investors and they are growing stronger each and everyday. If you check the top 10 crypto currency list on coinmarketcap you can see it for your self that they are becoming a threat to the current top 10 as they are penetrating the markets so hard.

At no#11 we have Uniswap, no#12 Chain link, no#21 Wrapped Bitcoin, no#27 Terra no#28 Pancake, no#29 Aave, no#33 Maker. So you can see how they are lined up,on the crypto market capitalization they occupy $148,346,346,890, they are not that old on the market but they are already pushing volumes and in the next few years they will be on everyone's mouth.

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