How to avoid Negative Rebase and benefit from Positive Rebase with your Publish0x earnings

I always strive to find anyway possible to make things seem better in my favor, so i just want to share a strategy with you on which you can use on your publush0x Ampleforth earnings so that you will always be on the winning side. I am going to keep this article short, so lets get to the strategy.

How to avoid Negative Rebase

In this world of ours no one wants to suffer defeat or incur loses on his or her investments. When you invest in an altcoin, when it reaches the resistance you sell so that you realize your profits.

Well Ampleforth works differently, its supply is elastic when capitalization fall then the balance in your wallets will decrease and when capitalization increase the wallet balance will automatically increase. So like now the Ampleforth price is trading at around $0.8 which is below their threshold so the negative rebase will occur everyday if you have your tokens in your wallets.

If you have notices in publish0x if you have accumulated 10AMPLs even id the capitalization fall your number of tokens will remain the same.So during rebase you should leave your AMPL in publish0x until the capitalization has increase and the price trading above the target price.


How to benefit from Positive rebase

After the price has reached the target price the positive rebase will then start and that will be the right moment to withdraw your publish0x earning to your chain wallets and benefit from the positive rebase as you token balance will be increasing daily and as it will be increasing just keep holding unless it fall below the target price.


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