How Supply and Demand is Rocking and Taking Ampleforth to the MOON

How Supply and Demand is Rocking and Taking Ampleforth to the MOON

I have bee in these crypto and Forex Markets since 2016 and all these years i have been figuring out what really moves the markets and i have seen a lot but today we are going to talk about only 1.

Supply and Demand

I am sure you all know that without Demand price will forever remain low and if the Supply is too low then the price will go to the moon. So for us to have a good price, Supply has to Meet Demand. I have an article i wrote a few weeks ago when i was talking about how Ampleforth is likely to perform ad here is the link check it out Ampleforth Projections.


The price of AMPL is now skyrocketing and trading at $1.54, just to see that Supply and Demand plays a role AMPL is a rebase token which means its supply is reduced automatically when the price is trading below target price so as to create mo demand ad therefore the price will start going up.


I am expecting to hit $1.72 before it retraces again. Am pretty sure this is the moment to buy you AMPL and take advantage of the +positive rebase which is starting today, where the balances of those holding AMPL will be automatically increase so as to make sure the price wont get out of hand.

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