HiFi Gaming Society recently got into Partnership with Moonvault and Liquid Collectibles

There is no doubt that HiFi Gaming Society is the most consistent gaming platform in the blockchain gaming and Metaverse sector. They are walking the talk and delivering all they promised on their whitepaper. Apart from launching new games they are also getting into partnerships which is a sign that they are moving forward always.

Unlike other Metaverse gaming tokens which just claim to be metaverse selling an idea with nice graphics but with nothing tangible on the ground, HiFi Gaming Society has 28 games on their platform. They have a lot of games to be added on the platform and this is going to be the best gaming platform with a lot to offer. Last 2 weeks they added Block puzzle and the following week they held their first public competition, then that very week they added Ball-hop and they have a competition going on and the prize pot is huge,

This week we are expecting them to launch Block Highway and expect a public competition on that new game. Keep on checking their twitter page for an update so that you wont miss out. The good part of their competitions, they are free to anyone who wanna participate all you have to do is stake 1000 HiFi which is less than $3 at current market price.



HiFi Gaming Society is expanding its operations and venturing into new partnerships. Before they were only in partnership with Chain-link and Ape-swap but recently they signed another deal and are in partnership with Moon-Vault. As we know HiFi Gaming Society is a play to Earn platform, there are other investors who can not play games due to different reason and this is the perfect option for them and they can earn 52.32%.


You can see HiFi Gaming Society is a pocket in-which everyone can fit, if you are a gamer you can stake and play but if you cant play games then the Moon-vault option is your shot.

Liquid Collectibles

They got into another deal with the Liquid Collectibles and held their AMA with the LICO team on 21-01-22 and it was a success, you can check it here. Then on 22-01-202 they had their Into the HIFI-Verse NFTs listed on their site and currently only 103 NFTs are left. Check out the NFTs they look amazing and its among the best NFTs on the market.


Those 2 partnerships are just a beginning, we expect to here more and on their whitepaper they talked about bringing other gaming developers on the platform and its gonna be a metaverse which will be venturing and offering more to investors and developers.

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