Clash of The Titans in the Crypto Market

There is a saying which says whatever goes up must come down, that is what happening in the crypto market right now.

A lot of crypto cryptos were bullish but the majority now seem to be losing steem and they are starting to fall sad the bears are charging.


Bitcoin is down with 6% on 24hour time frame and down 2.34% on weekly, its being traded for $53,855.22 per coin from $58,000. There are chances that it will keep on falling as correction is about to happen.

Uniswap is maintaining its levels at it is now trading at $43 per coin. It is up with 8.46% on weekly and 2.5% up on 24 hours.

Polkadot is up with 43.90% on 24% which is higher though the tables are turning on it again. It trading around $35.43 and i am expecting it to fall further.

Chain link is too defiant it is refusing to bow down to the bears. It is up with 197.38% on 24hours and 11% on weekly and the price it is being traded for is $47.30 per coin. It is showing signs that it is still bullish.

Aave has hit the resistance level now and it is about to go down. Its being traded for $465.07 per coin and down with -9.19% on weekly though still up with 21.38% on 24hour.

I guess it is now time to offload some of the assets in our portfolios so that we take profit. We don't want to be holding coins while they are falling down. Some coins are still going strong like Doge but a time will come when they will hit a dead end and they fall hard, I know now that when you will start hearing news saying bitcoin is approaching $75000 don't fall trap for that because it is now time for them to take their profit so they do so by offloading their positions to us.


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