Bears still tightening the grip on Aave & Uniswap

Recently the crypto market has been showing some bullish signs and we saw Bitcoin trading above $40.000 and the other altcoins responded but now from the previous day the global market capitalization is down -2.77%.


Aave is trading on the area where there is a bullish order block and at 1 time it tried to push up but after the previous bullish candle it was followed by a 2 dogi's and the current daily candle we are on is currently bearish.

We are also at the support zone which was tested 7 times and there are higher chances that it can be weakening. We have to see by the end of this week, if the price close above $325 then there are chances that it can continue bullish



Uniswap is now trapped under the resistance line at $25 and a trendline slopping downwards. Its going down and its likely to test $17, currentlt its trading at $22 maybe from this bearish streak we are on we see the structure it forms after it reached $17.



We are still in a bearish market on both crypto assets, so we still have to wait for the right moment then if an opportunity presence itself then we grab it with both hands.

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