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Are they ready to BreakFree yet: Aave & UNI

All crypto has taken a beating when China and Musk issued their statements and Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin but we all know that news is only a catalyst,m it just speed up the technical analysis processes and respects all the chart patterns.

We have seen that other cryptos have rebounded and are performing well e.g. iFarm and AMPL are doing well on the markets and i am wondering if UNI & Aave are ready to roar. Recently Musk said that crypto are gonna trade above their all time high and he has a project he is working on to so this might be another catalyst cooking.

UNI Analysis


The Picture above is of UNI and is trading on the area of Demand which means it might be ready to take off to the moon, but lets not give a bling eye on the trend-line which is ahead. This can either stop it from taking above soon than expected or it can be just be broken and will act as a support level. I guess we should wait and see ow the price play around that area before we rush it.

Aave Analysis

The picture below is of Aave and from it we can see its fate also lies on the trend-line and resistance level on that zone. If there is enough buying pressure the price can just BOOM from there but never underestimate those 2 barriers. Lets wait and see how it plays out this week and we see if its ready to buy it again.



On these it looks like they are not ready to break free yet from these chains. Its not ripe yet, so we still have to wait for the price to play out first then we jump into the spaceship.

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