An Honest Review Of Cake DeFi - The Most User Friendly Platform For Staking And Lending In 2022

Possibly one of the most bullish long-term indicators of a crypto project or a DeFi protocol is flying under the radar. It seems a bit counter-intuitive at a glance, but you don't want to hear paid shills talking about your favorite project every time you hop on Twitter. This is because aggressive marketers and paid shills are almost always the first to dump heavy bags on unsuspecting holders at the slightest pump.


On the other hand, dev teams that are dedicated to building a profitable and impactful project in the long-term are much more relaxed in their marketing. They either focus more on doing the majority of their own marketing through blogging and link-building on their homepage as well as organically growing on social media, or simply rest easy knowing that their product is their marketing. The latter entails that the team is doing almost no marketing at all. Before you discount this as a failing strategy, recall that Bitcoin does not even have a homepage associated with its founders.


When it comes to promoting a crypto project of intrinsic value - less is more. That is why I rest easy knowing that one of my favorite DeFi protocols, Cake DeFi, and its native token, DeFiChain, are almost unheard of within popular internet circles. Find out below why I favor their services.


Ease of Use


Without a doubt the greatest strength of Cake DeFi is its simple-yet-powerful user interface. Earning interest on your assets is as simple as signing up, depositing an asset, navigating to it, and selecting "bake." Then, all you have to do is choose between lending, mining, and staking (if applicable) based on your risk appetite and the amount of time you are willing to lock assets up.


Variety of Services


With most crypto services, you normally have to choose between premium service offerings and user-friendliness. That is not the case with Cake DeFi. Not only is it one of the most user-friendly DeFi protocols on the market, they offer liquidity mining, staking, p2p lending, and even prolonged-lockup-period asset-freezing for up to double returns.


Generous Returns and Rewards


Of course, for any DeFi protocol to be worthwhile, it must offer generous enough incentives for one's time. Cake DeFi crosses of this box as well, with liquidity mining pools yielding up to 37% APR, and a 26.5% staking APY opportunity for their native $DFI token that pays out every 12 hours. I personally participate in the latter.


Learn Crypto Program


Similar to Coinbase Earn, Cake DeFi offers a rewards program called Learn Crypto in which new users will soon be able to earn $15 for learning about crypto and taking a few very short quizzes. These quizzes are focused on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DeFi Chain.




While Cake DeFi is not a place that is going to enable you to get rich quick or invest your retirement fund in your favorite vlogger's favorite memecoin, it has everything you could ask for from a DeFi protocol. They are secure, with no history of any major hacks or scams, and they offer a healthy variety of financial services to meet your crypto needs. If you want to start participating in decentralized finance, but don't know where to start, this may be the place for you (not financial advice).


ADDITIONALLY - if you sign up today using my referral code, you can get a FREE $30 of $DFI with any deposit of $50 or more in $BTC. This is my code you must use at sign-up: 179544 


The above is an affiliate code and we will both earn a reward from Cake DeFi at no additional cost to you outside of the aforementioned Bitcoin deposit.


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Elijah Hongsermeier-Baxter
Elijah Hongsermeier-Baxter

Hey what's up everybody? I recently graduated college and am now selling products on eBay full-time as it brings in enough income alone to support me, but I also am on YouTube, blogging, and doing affiliate marketing. Oh and I invest in crypto of course.

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DeFi Reviews

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