BEST Yield Farming Opportunities on TRON - Defi

BEST Yield Farming Opportunities on TRON - Defi

By Don Defi | DEFI PROJECTS | 9 Sep 2020

Hi guys,


here an update on the best opportunities to yield farm on Tron. As Tron has nearly zero fees, it is the best blockchain if you want to dip your toes into earning crypto with Defi! 


Yield Farming on Tron - The best platforms


Of course, this is according to your own preferences. Are you someone who likes to take risks, or do you like to play it safe? These websites to yield farm on Tron have audited smart contracts, but you should never put in these farming sites what you are not willing to lose.


1. Sriracha - SRI 

This website launched on the 7th of September so it is a great opportunity to earn crypto by yield farming. Who doesn't like the hot sauce? Sriracha has a current value of $17.00 per token and is trading on JustSwap. Tron has the lowest fees and this could be your best opportunity!

2. DragonFi - DRAGON 

This platform launched yesterday and already has 2.5 million USD locked in value. The token, the DRAGON has a current supply of only 17500 and trades on Justswap for 330$ as of the publishing date. Great place to farm some yield!

3. Moon Finance - MFI 

Who doesn't want to try their luck with farming yield? This audited smart contract is launched this week and gives a pretty decent return! With fast transactions and nearly zero fees, we love this dapp to farm yield on TRON! Low market cap so can moon!

4. Salmon Swap - SAL

This alternative for sushiswap is a great place to farm so Salmon! Currently at 60$ on Justswap and a great active team. Lets check if you like farming Salmon crypto too.


This is not financial advice. The links given are the OFFICIAL links.


Don Defi
Don Defi

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