How to get 10%-20% ROI For Stablecoins like USD, like 1000x time the average US bank account

By georgia86 | DeFi Off-Ethereum Guides | 21 Jan 2021

In this article, I'll explain how to stake USD for huge returns.

How to make 20% on your USDN

The Neutrino protocol, which works with WAVES, is doing a lot of great stuff under the radar.

One such thing is the Neutrino staking.

Users can stake just about any major currency, from USD, to GBP, to EUR, the yuan, and more.

WAVES has created a tokenized version of these assets.

For USD, waves has the USDN token. The average APY for this token is 10%-20%

I have advocated for staking USDT in the past, but given the recent FUD surrounding USDT, I am not recommending people go that route. It's just too dangerous.

If you're familiar with the WAVES platform this will be familiar to you.

If you do not yet use the Waves exchange, I have to reccommend it. You can trade all kinds of currency in addition to major cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, etc in a decentralized exchange with tiny tiny ting fees, we're talking a few cents here. 

waves landing

So once you create a wallet, don't forget to write down your seed and keep it private.

Getting USDN Onto the Platform

To stake USDN, you'll need to get USDN. You can do this many ways. You can buy just about any major crypto and add it to the Waves.Exchange wallet. If you deposite BTC for example, the system will update your balance with what is essentially BTC wrapped for the waves blockchain. You can then exchange it on the waves exchange (or for USDN.

You can of course also buy USDN with a bank card, depending on where you live.

You can also trade it on Uniswap or 1inch or similar exchanges. It tends to be worth just a little bit less than $1, but you get more of it, so with the % gains it evens out in the end, if you will swap it back to cash out. 

So either send USDN on the Ethereum blockchain via 1inch or Uniswap, or send other crypto and trade it for USDN. As you can see the wallet has lots of options:

adding USDN on the wallet

Step by Step USDN Staking

Then, once you've done that, you'll want to go to the investments tab.

waves investmentsFrom there, you can see the different rates you can get staking, which are pretty high. You can actually stake any kind of neutrino security and the neutrino security token, NSBT. You can also stake and provide liquidity, but that's another article.

So click "Stake Neutrino Assets"


Finally, you'll get to the stake neutrino screen. As you can see, the rate today was near 12%. It is variable, but hangs out between 10-20%. You can click "stake neutrino" and for 0.005 waves, just a few cents, you're staking. Payouts and a chart of interest rates are also seen on the lower right. 

So stake your neutrino!


And you're done! You get your payouts daily and you can unstake any time without penalty. Pretty cool, huh? That's compared to a Bank of America CD which you can't withdraw for 0.05% a year. Haha! Screw that.


WAVES' platform Neutrino staking offers a safe, stable and non-Tether way to make low risk and great returns on your crypto. There's always a risk with this stuff because of the vulnerability of smart contracts, but this team has been at it for at least 5 years with no problems ever. IMHO the most underrated project in the crypto space.

So stake away!

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