ETH Breaks All Time High, Again, Flippening Soon?

By georgia86 | DeFi Off-Ethereum Guides | 25 Jan 2021

What happens with ETH/BTC looks too good?

With BTC stagnant and ETH inching up, this could see a ETH at an all time high over BTC.

Right now, in terms of BTC, Ethereum costs ₿0.04373701. 

Soon, it could pass 0.05, and then it is liftoff.

Why Flippening?

Right now, of the 21 million BTC ever, there are ₿18,609,643.

Starting today, there are just over ₿5,004,682.

That means that the market cap of ETH is just a little over 25% of Bitcoin.

But while BTC is almost at its hard cap of 21 million, ETH Could go on.

It may be deflationary eventually, but for now, it could continue to grow.

If the price holds, that 25% will slowly creep up, and before you know it, ETH total marketcap could be bigger than BTC.

This would be THE FLIPPENING.

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DeFi Off-Ethereum Guides
DeFi Off-Ethereum Guides

I offer guides, tips, and tricks on how to use DeFi applications that are not on the Ethereum network. Oh yes, Tron (TRX), Tezos (XTZ), and Binance Coin (BNB) all have decentralized exchanges and yield farming. Join me on this adventure, then, won't you?

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