$100B can be locked in DeFi before December 2021

Total value locked in DeFi in US Dollar increasing rapidly


$9.22B Total value locked in US Dollars


Till the date already $9.22 B Total value locked (USD) in DeFi and daily this value increasing rapidly and new projects upcoming to win the race of the DeFi run. Though we can see a emerging growth in the DeFi projects constantly announced many of them not up to the mark but many are still interesting to see how performs or outperforms. 


Its being assumed that before end of 2021 $100B can be locked in DeFi and this figures really excited for any blockchain and cryptocurrency lover so far.. Most of these values are locked in Ethereum based DeFi protocols and we have seen Polka Dot ecosystem is also growing rapidly which can be very competitive with the Ethereum based DeFi protocols too.

Lets hope to see a great bull run and growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry together.


|| Astu||

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Crypto and specially DeFi enthusiastic and specially Polka dot chain lover.

DeFi is not a bubble or just a boom... It's future
DeFi is not a bubble or just a boom... It's future

Just remember the day when you first head of the Bitcoin and you might not be able to understand what it really is and why people are mad towards it. It's the first step to the financial freedom and Decentralization of the Finance. And with recently emerging protocols it would be more easy to enter to the DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

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