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Bluzelle provides a data storage solution for dApps so that they can store their data securely in a decentralized and mutable way. Choosing Bluzelle as a solution will keep your data free from hackers and will be censorship-resistant. When the data is stored on the Bluzelle database, it ensures to keep the data up-to-date and safe from hacking and other fraud activities. Owing to its decentralized nature and high scalability many are adopting this storage solution. The main features that Bluzelle provides are:

  • Instant global coverage: Multi-region coverage for the same price.
  • Community network: Enhances network security, scalability, and lowers global impact.
  • Widespread availability: Bluzelle is ready to be used by any blockchain.

Now let’s get some basic information about some other databases: 


Bigchain along with its distinct features serves as a database with blockchain characteristics. It has high throughput, automation, low latency, and powerful query functionality. The characteristics which make it like a blockchain database is its decentralized nature, immutability, and built-in asset support. It also allows enterprises and developers who work through blockchain platforms to use their database for storage, They can easily store their data on the Bigchaiin database which allows the data to be stored in a secured and immutable way. They support a wide range of industries and have several use cases. 

First, they built the distributed database and then added blockchain characteristics like decentralization where no central authority is involved. No single point of control and no single point of failure which is similar to Bluzelle as it is also decentralized. You can also search the contents of all stored transactions with the MongoDB query on this database storage platform.

It has no currency of its own so any currency can be issued hence, provides native support for multi assets. On Bluzelle, they have their own currency which can also be staked or exchanged. It is immutable which means once data is stored it can’t be deleted or changed.

2) IBM:

Enterprises are managing data for blockchain solutions and IBM provides smooth data management capabilities across hybrid, multi-cloud deployed models. Data storage can be done on-chain or as apart of core ledger managed by blockchain protocol, or can be done off-chain using traditional data stores. Off-chain data stores can be used to store large documents of application artifacts. The data stored off-chain can not be tempered with so sensitive data can be stored there. IBM uses IBM cloud objects which ensure data storage and protection, back-up, and recovery of data. Protects the data uses the following use cases: 

  • Distributed peer.
  • Off-chain data growth within the on-premises distributed peer.
  • Off-chain extension.

3) OSTI:

It is a blockchain-based data storage and access framework for ping-ER that is a worldwide end-to-end internet performance measurement project to become more decentralized and remove its dependence from a central authority that is centralized in nature. They use permissioned blockchain, which means that a control layer runs on top of the blockchain that monitors the actions performed by the allowed participants. They also use Distributed hash tables for this purpose and this provides decentralized storage, distributed processing, and efficient lookup capabilities. Decentralized storage of data and files also makes it secure and safe.



Despite of some other storage solutions available out there, you always want to choose the one with maximum benefits and Bluzelle is the one. It provides global coverage covering North America, Asia, and Europe and will soon expand in South America, Australia, and Africa and all this is for the same price.

Bluzelle allows data servers to be crowd-sourced by which you can select the best results and it is more efficient as results can be delivered really quickly. It helps to enhance productivity and reduces costs for developers. It has a unique feature that it is censorship-resistant which basically tells how much the system is tamper-proof and it means that once a content is created by someone or data stored, no third party can make changes to that data/content. No modification can be done rendering your data secure and safe. 

Some great features are listed below:

  • Easy Implementation:  Bluzelle is simple to get going, it is already set and gives multi-region capability instantly. One great feature is that Bluzelle is an auto managed system. The database architect only requires how much storage they actually need and not the server size, memory, and other information as required by blockchains. Bluzelle provides with very easy, non-complex structure, unlike traditional databases which asks a number of questions. This way for example Bluzelle makes it easy for the developers who want to get going on their programming on software.


  • AUTOMATIC SCALING: When any developer states that they want to increase their converge in any region and as demand increases Bluzelle makes sure that the data is replicated there automatically scaling up the needs. Whereas with traditional databases require the company to react with customers in different regions to bring new servers to meet the scaleup as demanded.


  • HYBRID CLOUD OPTION: With Bluzelle you may have the flexibility to have the choice of any cloud infrastructure as they do not restrict the developers and enterprises to one specific cloud infrastructure. Bluzelle operates and works across many clouds, also provides with hybrid cloud option. Hybrid cloud basically means that a private cloud is combined with one or more public cloud services provided with communication in between. With the option of a hybrid cloud, enterprises may have more flexibility and have their own on-premise nodes. That means, it runs on computers of the person or organization using that software rather than a remote facility for example cloud. It provides the users with more access to their data.


  • DATA DISTRIBUTION: Bluzelle has edge servers around the world, what edge server does is that it pushes the data close to the user of that application. An edge server is an edge device that provides an entry point into the network. When compared to other databases Bluzelle serves as a super-fast edge cache. Because of the decentralized nature of the database, their caching solution can be moved close to the actual customers away from the main database.


  • COST-EFFECTIVE: With using Bluzelle customers can predict the bill, unlike traditional cloud databases where charges are impossible to estimate. With Bluzelle it is simple and is based on how much storage is required and the customer has a clear picture in mind of what would be the cost. Moreover, replication, latency, and traffic costs are all built-in lowering the overall price.

A wide range of features that it provides makes it stand out among other database solutions and is definitely worth using.

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