Introducing: UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund
UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

Introducing: UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

By Deficat | DeFi Cat | 27 Oct 2020

As UNIFI DeFi continues to push forwards for a revolutionized, innovative future for Decentralized Finance, we are proud to release our next game changing initiative: the Community Distribution Fund.

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

We at UNIFI DeFi have been working hard these past few months to create real change for the DeFi and crypto-markets as a whole, from our initial launch and the formation of a beautiful, thriving and active community to the launching of our Staking platform, partnerships, listings and exchanges, and most recently work on our Lending Platform.

But one this has been in our sight lines, silently being worked on without fanfare or mention, completely unannounced until now.

Finally, after intensive development and brainstorming, tweaking and refinement, we’re proud to release a game-changer in the DeFi field, something we believe has never been done or achieved on this level before.

Today, we are so excited to introduce our Unifamily to the future of crypto – our latest in a long line of UNIFI DeFi services and offerings: the Community Distribution Fund.

So…what is the Community Distribution Fund?

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

At its absolute core, the UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund is a maintained and dedicated flow of 52 million coins specifically reserved for the Community Distribution Fund, introduced over 52 consecutive weeksvia a hybrid of our staking, our Community Distribution Fund and airdrops.

This is done by providing a direct Ethereum to xUNIFI token bucket – a simple, easy-to-use portal for directly exchanging ETH for our special new xUNIFI token specifically for this Fund participation at incredible rates (beating exchange rates, especially in times of high demand) on a continued basis for 52 weeks, a full year.

It’s as simple as entering our Community Distribution Fund portal, sending an amount of ETH and receiving an amount of xUNIFI in return after a short automatic stake-bucket hybrid until the end of the bucket round, proportional to the amount of ETH a supporter has placed into the bucket for that week’s round in comparison to other investors.

The more ETH you input into the Community Distribution Fund, the higher portion of that week’s token buyback you will receive.

More ETH = higher percentage of the bucket = more tokens granted.

What are the tokenomics of the Community Distribution Fund?

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

We believe clear, transparent and fair tokenomics are absolutely vital with our Community Distribution Fund as this is a community-driven initiative.

With all exchanges on the ETH to xUNIFI exchange bucket (the Community Distribution Fund) UNIFI DeFi will operate a simple 90/10 ratio.

In the most basic breakdown, that means:

  • 90% of tokens exchanged go straight to a UNIFI DeFi token buyback.
  • 10% of tokens exchanged are reserved as additional locked liquidity for UNIFI DeFi on Unicrypt
  • From the 90% token buyback, 80% will go towards additional token rewards for the bucket, with 20% of the bought-back UNIFI DeFi tokens being earmarked for development, operational and marketing costs for UNIFI DeFi, then with the launch of Governance the community will be able to vote on token allocations and make proposals.

*Of the allocated xUNIFI tokens for individual supporters for entering the bucket, supporters will be able to redeem them at the close of the bucket for that week, or they can hold their token allocation and try their luck with the token rollover for the next week. The portion of the Community Distribution Fund bucket supporters receive will be directly proportionate to the amount they invest in the bucket in comparison to other supporters for that week.

The very basic, barebones workflow is:

1. Supporters places X ETH into the Community Distribution Fund bucket (lasting one week)

2. At the close of that round of the Community Distribution Fund, a proportional token allocation is provided depending on the amount of supporters and the amount they themselves input. These will be xUNIFI tokens, a new token system perfect for a new token initiative. These tokens are then exchangeable for the UNIFI DeFi tokens we all know and love.

3. That allocation is available to redeem at the close of the bucket for that week, or supporters can hold their amount and try their luck with the token rollover into the next week’s bucket!

4. If redeemed, supporters can exchange their token for UNIFI DeFi tokens. If rolled over, repeat from step 1 with the next bucket!

All the while, each new week will bring a new round of the Community Distribution Fund bucket, meaning there will be 52 rounds, one after the other.

Supporters will always earn more UNIFI DeFi tokens than they initially inputted, making this an extremely attractive offering for our supporters to engage with.

UNIFI DeFi will set aside 52 million UNIFI DeFi tokens for the Community Distribution Fund, introduced over a 52 week duration. That’s a whopping 1,000,000 UNIFI DeFi tokens a week, MINIMUM. After the 52 weeks, the Community Distribution Fund will conclude.

For each round of the UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund, each week’s bucket, unclaimed tokens will roll over into the next weeks bucket, meaning the minimum rewards for one week are 1,000,000, but with rollovers this amount could increase, making it all the more worth it to enter an ETH amount per week for a portion of the bucket.

UNIFI DeFi’s Community Distribution Fund will utilize an oracle that will grab the current Uniswap price when users contribute their ETH, ensuring that the most current and accurate value is always maintained at the point of purchase.

Additionally, if the buckets do not fill in their given week, the remaining amount of tokens from the 1,000,000 allocation will be distributed to the bucket participants for that week proportional to their ETH input. Input more ETH when the bucket isn’t filled, receive a higher portion of the total.

We believe these tokenomics will provide the best possible exchange offering to our Unifamily purchasing directly through our ETH to UNIFI DeFi token bucket, will also having the added significant benefit of providing an additional 52-week flow of liquidity and enhancing the operational fund of UNIFI DeFi to further boost this project into the mainstream.

As with everything with UNIFI DeFi, this is for the community, driven by the community, with the community in mind at every step of the way.

So the more ETH I enter into the bucket, the higher proportion of the 1,000,000 tokens I’ll receive?

Yes! The higher proportion of ETH you own as a total of the whole bucket, the higher proportion of xUNIFI tokens you’ll receive, resulting in more UNIFI DeFi tokens on exchange!

What’s the purpose of the Community Distribution Fund?

There exists TEN core underpinnings behind the purpose of the UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund:

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

1. STIMULUS – by providing more ways to receive more tokens to our community, we will stimulate the market and spearhead a new, continued wave of activity. Providing stimulus with healthy, transparent tokenomics is ultimately healthy for both the project and for our community.

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

2. DISTRIBUTION – through the provision of a direct ETH -> UNIFI bucket, we’re enhancing the distribution of our token to more supporters than ever before. Enhanced distribution means enhanced opportunity for increased trading volume, supporter choice, and options as more UNIFI DeFi features are rolled out (such as Staking and Lending).

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

3. ADOPTION – with more people, our Unifamily, being able to access and hold UNIFI DeFi tokens, the adoption of the token and the technology/ services behind it (from Staking and Lending, to eventually our Nitrex platform and more) will be significantly expanded.

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

4. STABILITY – providing the opportunity for direct ETH -> UNIFI DeFi token trades promotes a stabilised, market-regulated price point as decided on by the community and community actions. It also provides our Unifamily stability in the knowledge that, regardless of fee rises on exchanges, there will always be a set rate available with the Community Distribution Fund.

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

5. MARKETING – with a set and firm 10% allocation for marketing, the marketing efforts of UNIFI DeFi will significantly ramp up, allowing us access to more marketing avenues than ever before, expanding the reach of the project to crypto-minded supporters across more places than previously possible. Increased marketing means increased awareness for UNIFI DeFi, increased community activity, and overall increased confidence in our Unifamily!

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

6. OPERATION – and with an equal 10% allocation for operational costs, the internal operation of UNIFI DeFi will be stepped up, providing more freedom to the developer team to push for innovative, groundbreaking DeFi solutions never before seen. This allows us to create innovations such as the Community Distribution Fund, refine Staking to be as perfect as possible for our Unifamily, and speed our development of features such as the Nitrex Platform, the Nitrous Layer, Governance and much more.

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

7. LIQUIDITY – one of the major causative movements behind the Community Distribution Fund is to drive significantly more liquidity to the project. With a large portion of transactions going directly towards liquidity locked in Unicrypt, supporter confidence will rise and grow alongside the project. Locked liquidity (and a continual supply of that) is nothing but a healthy, positive thing for any crypto project!

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

8. EXCHANGES – under our operational budget, the Community Distribution Fund will enhance the opportunities for UNIFI DeFi to be listed with additional exchanges (especially the larger, household-name exchanges that charge significant listing fees) and subsequently provide liquidity for those exchanges. We hear our Unifamily and your calls for additional exchanges – additional options and choice – and the Community Distribution Fund helps make this possible!

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

9. EXPANSION – additionally, under operational costs, the ability for UNIFI DeFi to talent-hunt and engage new team members will expand exponentially, driving forwards the development and progress of the project more than ever before. More developers and helping hands with UNIFI DeFi means our suit of services, such as Lending and the Nitrex Platform, will arrive sooner and at the highest possible standard for our Unifamily.

UNIFI DeFi Community Distribution Fund

10. COMMUNITY – most importantly, this is in response to community desire and demands, asking for more choice with purchasing UNIFI DeFi tokens, while offering enhanced support to the project and pushing the project forwards to a future of true decentralized finance and crypto-solutions, all in one place. We always listen and respond to our community, and there’s nothing more fitting for community engagement than our Community Distribution Fund.

This is one of our most significant and landmark launches so we can’t wait for our Unifamily to get stuck in. This is both a way for the entire project to raise in value, while also offering our Unifamily more ways than ever before to earn even more UNIFI tokens.


As always, we hope you’re all having a wonderful week – we cannot wait to get all of this live and in your hands!

Stay tuned with UNIFI DeFi for more explainer articles on everything to do with crypto and DeFi – it’s a new and exciting world out there, and we’re so pumped to have our awesome Unifamily on this journey alongside us.

Stay in Touch With UNIFI DeFi

As always with UNIFI DeFi, there’s much more news coming soon! Keep an eye out on the official UNIFI DeFi Telegram HERE for more, including big announcements and community discussions. There’s a lot coming up!

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