10 *sweet* UNIFI DeFi achievements this month!

10 *sweet* UNIFI DeFi achievements this month!

By Deficat | DeFi Cat | 14 Sep 2020

The past four weeks has been record-breaking for UNIFI DeFi. Here are just *some* of the many, many things we achieved:

UNIFI DeFi achievements this month

Four weeks ago UNIFI DeFi was in its infancy, taking baby steps into a bright, blue world ready to change the face of cryptocurrency and DeFi forever.

In that time we’ve had some breathtaking, out-of-this-world highs and some bumpy lows, but along the way we’ve scooped up the best community (our unifamily!) and nailed some bloody awesome achievements.

Here’s just a small, tiny percent of those achievements we’ve marked these past four weeks:

1. UNIFI DeFi became Etherscan Verified

UNIFI DeFi became Etherscan Verified

Gaining ‘Verified’ status on Etherscan means we now have our neat, sweet logo display next to our ticker when searching for “UNIFI” in the search bar.

This helps differentiate us from pesky similar tokens, making sure you put your hard earned money into the token you truly care about!

We think it looks awesome next to our ticker, and we thank the guys over at Etherscan for getting us verified.

Check us out on Etherscan HERE

2. Partnership with Ferrum Network

Partnership with Ferrum Network

It feels like just yesterday when we announced our partnership with Ferrum Network, getting UNIFI DeFi listed in the Unifyre Wallet (which, just like UNIFI DeFi, looks awesome!)

This opens the path for UNIFI DeFi tokens to be ‘Swap Dropped’, ‘Pool Dropped’ and a whole lid of other type of drops through direct links on social media. Sending and receiving UNIFI DeFi couldn’t be easier.

The team at Ferrum are just incredible and it was so special to be able to share this great news with our supporters, members and investors.

3. Crossed 2000 Telegram members

It was so cool to wake up to 2000 members on our Telegram community one sunny morning. Each and every member brings something new and exciting to the table, from the mini whales to the little guys with $10 bags, we appreciate you all equally and massively!

4. Launched our new website

Launched our new website

After weeks of hard development and behind-the-scenes work, we were proud to finally release our new and updated website. Shiny, pretty, easy to use and so, so sleek. Apple would be jealous. Samsung would be envious. Google could cry. It’s very pretty, if you can’t tell.

Our new website sets everything out in an easy-to-view package, breaks down our upcoming developments, and sets the stage for staking when that goes live shortly.

You can also buy UNIFI DeFi tokens straight from the site. Isn’t that handy!

Check out our website HERE and let us know what you think of the place.

5. A dizzying all-time high price

A dizzying all-time high price

After a flurrying, busy few days, we reached an incredible all-time high of $0.19 per token. This was followed by mind blowing trading volume, and a flood of incredibly passionate and vocal supporters and members.

This all-time high saw some new entrants, marked a goodbye to some selling off, and sparked a great barrier for us to one day smash and beat.

Our glass ceiling is 19c, I wonder when we’ll break through next?

6. BitBoy Crypto’s ‘Moonshot of the Week’

BitBoy Crypto’s ‘Moonshot of the Week

Last Friday we were honoured to be labelled as ‘Moonshot of the Week’ by esteemed crypto-figure BitBoy Crypto.

This label, recognising our incredible push to change DeFi and cryptocurrency as a whole forever through the development of our Nitrex platform and Nitrous Layer, saw a nice increase in trading activity and another surge of new members welcomed with open arms.

He dropped a few teasers about what’s to come for UNIFI DeFi, did you spot them?

7. Listed on Uniswap

Listed on Uniswap

We wouldn’t be where we are without our Uniswap listing and awesome community that migrated from there to our Telegram.

Not only did we list on Uniswap, we managed to get our logo linked with our ticker, so you’re always able to see the correct token you’re buying or selling.

Thank you to all our investors through Uniswap, we’re continually surprised by your passion and enthusiasm with UNIFI DeFi!

8. We burned or locked 96% of tokens

We burned or locked 96% of tokens

As a team we burned or locked a whopping, mouthwatering 96% of UNIFI DeFi tokens, set aside primarily and heavily for staking rewards, marketing tokens, locked team tokens, and tokens set aside for some fun, surprise airdrops!

You can read all about our burn and lock here.

9. Released our new roadmap

Released our new roadmap

We were so proud to finally release our new roadmap to our unifamily, sharing our vision for the coming months and year.

UNIFI DeFi is in this for the long-run, and this roadmap serves as a guiding light for us at UNIFI DeFi, shaping this project and vision around the community and needs of the cryptomarket.

What do you think of our roadmap? Let us know in the comments below!

10. An unforgettable AMA

An unforgettable Unifi AMA

We conducted perhaps the most insane, exciting and enjoyable AMAs in AMA history with Danny over at Crypto Revolution.

It was a blast meeting so many new members and facing their questions and kind words, from the future of UNIFI DeFi to current plans, marketing discussion and so, so much more.

We wrote up the chat logs in a nice little article HERE, give it a read for a catch-up on what you missed.

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