Full List of DeFi Trackers & Analytics Platforms You Should Know About

Full List of DeFi Trackers & Analytics Platforms You Should Know About

By D3F1 | DeFi Box | 5 Aug 2020

The entire Defi ecosystem has been on fire in the summer of 2020 as the total USD value locked in the ecosystem rises above $4 billion. However, with this growth, the entire DeFi landscape changes very quickly which means that there is no way to monitor this stuff without using trackers - unless you want to lose your mind.

In this article, I have created a full list of the best DeFi trackers and analytical platforms that will certainly make tracking your investments much easier. 

1.  CoinGeko - DeFi


Official Website

CoinGecko has long been known to be one of the best cryptocurrency tracking websites behind CoinmarketCap.com. However, CoinGecko has also opened a new DeFi section that allows users to track the Top 100 DeFi coins by Market Cap. The rankings are listed by market cap and it shows the 24-hour volume for each individual coin. This is different from tracking DeFi projects in terms of USD value locked in smart contracts.

In addition to DeFi Coins, the DeFi section for CoinGecko also shows the top Decentralized Exchanges by 24 hr Trading Volume. Users can see each DEX ranked by VOlume with the number of coins, pairs, and monthly DEX visits.  

How you can utilize CoinGecko Defi? 

  • Track the top DeFi Coins by market cap
  • Track top DEX’s
  • View strong fundamental data for each individual DeFi coin on coin profile pages

2. Uniswap


Official Website

Uniswap has a very simple and beautiful interface. The pink makes it look very striking but welcoming at the same time. Generally speaking, Uniswap.exchange allows users to swap ERC-20 tokens between each other in a decentralized fashion and Uniswap.info provides information regarding all of the pools and coins on the exchange. 

The platform shows the liquidity pairs and ranks them by the total level of liquidity. Users can also see the 24-hour volume as well as the fees generated from swaps over the past 24 hours. You can also directly access Uniswap.exchange from this page by simply hitting "add liquidity" or "trade".

How you can utilize Uniswap? 

  • Track the highest liquidity pairs on the Uniswap.exchange
  • Monitor Fees generated by pair over 24 hours.
  • directly access exchange to swap ERC-20 tokens or add liquidity.

3. Dai Stats


Official Website

Dai Stats was made by Twitter user @nanexcool to allow users to easily track important metrics relating to the DAI stablecoin. The website breaks down the total circulating Dai and splits the total by which collateral coin was used to mint the DAI.

The website also shows on-chain data such as MKR Supply, Annual MKR Burn Rate, DAI in Oasis Dex, DAI in Uniswap, and lots of pricing data for all of the collateral coins used on MakerDAO.

How you can utilize Daistats? 

  • Track important DAI metrics
  • See how much DAI is minted by different collateral coins
  • Check Oracle prices for collateral coins
  • Monitor Dai in DSR and number of DAI Vaults opened

4. Etherscan.Io


Official Website


Etherscan.io will perhaps be one of the most important tools for every DeFi coin holder out there. Etherscan is an Ethereum block explorer, search, API, and analytics platform. Users can use Etherscan to see every single detail that might have occurred with their Ethereum wallet. 

The entire DeFi industry is built on the backbone of Ethereum. This means that, when you buy any DeFi coin, it goes straight into the address tied to your Ethereuma and you will be able to see each and every ERC-20 token under that address at Etherescan - just simply paste your Ethereum address in the search box.

On top of this, Etherscan has also launched a DeFi leaderboard and Decentralized Exchange Order Tracker;


How you can utilize Etherscan? 

  • Track each individual Ethereum asset
  • Monitor every transaction made to the address
  • Browse the block explorer
  • Check blockchain history
  • Track DeFi Coin rankings

5. DeFi Pulse


Official Website

DeFi Pulse is a dashboard that allows users to find the latest ranking and analytics for different DeFi protocols. It ranks DeFi platforms by using the Total Value Locked (TVL) that is locked into smart contracts in the DeFi protocols. The charts are refreshed every hour for DeFi Pulse and the data is pulled directly from the balance of ETH and ERC-20 tokens in the smart contract addresses.

Interestingly, it does not rank by market capitalization so some DeFi coins such as Ampleforth are not listed. This is the opposite to the CoinGecko DeFi rankings which do sort by market cap value.

DeFiPulse also shows a chart of the TVL USD Locked in DeFi along with the total dominance by the biggest protocol. In addition to this, the platform shows similar analytics for DeFi lending in which DeFi protocols are ranked by Interest Per Year (IPY);


How you can utilize DeFi Pulse?

  • Track TVL in DeFi smart contracts
  • Monitor top-performing DeFi protocols
  • Track best lending rates amongst DeFi protocols
  • Track best interest rates provided from different platforms

6. Pools.fyi


Official Website

Pools.FYI is a platform created to let users track the best liquidity pools for the highest returns on investments. The homepage shows the top 10 liquidity pools listed by total USD Liquidity. The platform currently lists all the pools created on Uniswap, Bancor, Curve, and Balancer. 

Users can click individual pools to view further specific information such as returns on investments, token weightings, and trades. It even allows users to hook up their own MetaMask wallets to track their specific individual returns.

How you can utilize Pools.FYI

  • Find the best liquidity pools for the highest returns on Uniswap, Curve, Balancer, and Bancor.
  • See all liquidity pools with the highest level of liquidity
  • Track individual return on investments for each pool
  • Connect personal wallets to gain analytical insights on personal Liquidity Pool investments.

7. LoanScan


Official Website

LoanScan is an analytics dashboard that shows information for all of the debt that is issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Users are able to take out loans on DeFi platforms by locking cryptocurrency into smart contracts as collateral.

LoanScan shows users the best platforms to earn the highest interest rates for individual cryptocurrencies. Users can filter by stable coins or Crypto rankings and find the best places to earn the highest interest.

LoanScan also shows the best locations to borrow at the most favorable rates. 

In addition to this, they have analytical dashboards to show the origination of all loans and the total outstanding loans;


How you can utilize LoanScan? 

  • Find the best rates to earn interest at different DeFi platforms.
  • Find the best rates to borrow cryptocurrency loans.
  • Track all loans generated and outstanding by both Asset type and Protocol
  • Monitor Collateral and Supply added to the DeFi loan network


8. EthGasStation


Official Website

EthGasStation is the go-to location to find the best GAS price to use in any ETH transaction. With DeFi bringing an increased number of transactions to the Ethereum blockchain, the fees to send transactions are always changing.

To send transactions quickly it is important to choose the “Fast” box on EthGasStation to have the transaction cleared within 2 minutes.

How you can utilize EthGasStation? 

  • Track Gas Prices for ETH network
  • Set individual GAS fees for the preferred outcomes (fast, medium, slow).


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