What is Ninjaswap? New DEX, huge Gains and Benefits!

By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 4 May 2021

NinjaSwap is a dex that enables swapping, farming, and staking for BEP-20 tokens. its AMM follows the tradition of Uniswap. But it gets its speed and affordable transaction fee from Binance Smart Chain. Besides that, unlike other swap platforms, a limited number of tokens are minted. The team has no interest in farming and staking, it provides all the income to the participants. The team only profits from the AMO type special sale. In fact, 0.05% LP Fee is buyback and burned.



What sets Ninjaswap apart from other DEX such as UniSwap and Pancakeswap? 
Automatic Minting Oering (AMO)

The token price will continue to follow its course as the bonding curve according to Bancor with the upper bound increases as the
sale is made. Due to the mathematical nature of AMO, it works with the logic that gets it early, gets cheaper. The higher the number
of tokens issued, the higher the price per token. This means that new tokens are only issued if the price has a new rise.


NINJA token metrics



The Max Total Supply (MTS) can reach 3.8M Ninja. In this case, the team will have max 16% of
the MTS.
No token for the team from the farm (the part 0.05% of LP fee will be buyback and burned),
staking, and any other function.
800k Ninja tokens will be preminted for farming as follows during 7.5 years long:
Period 1: 200k Ninja for the first 6 months.
Period 2: 200k Ninja for the following 1 year.
Period 3: 200k Ninja for the following 2 years.
Period 4: 200k Ninja for the following 4 years.


NinjaSwap is in its very early stages but we all know the potential that DEX have. 

NINJA is currently trading at $0.77c. Uniswap and Pancake swap are trading at $42 and $40 respectively. 

Of course do your own research, projects in their early stages like this are always risky. However, the team looks like they are dedicated and ready to follow through with their roadmap. Getting on this at such an early stage could turn out to be a potentially huge investment. 


If you want to buy NINJA you can do so HERE
There is also a NINJA Bounty program which is currently giving away NINJA for some social activities to help promote NinjaSwap. You can find these HERE


How can I buy NINJA?

You can buy NINJA through the BSC Network, however, you would have to do that on MetaMask. 

Step 1 : You can check out how to link the BSC Network to MetaMask HERE

Step 2 : You can now add NINJA as a custom token by entering the Token Contract Address in MetaMask 

NINJA Token Address :  0x93e7567f277f353d241973d6f85b5fea1dd84c10


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