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STC Smart Contract Audit ‼️

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Student Coin has just received its audit report and is clearing away all the FUD that surrounds it! This is a solid foundation on which Student Coin can build its success and good reputation. Here is what the team had to say : 

We would like to announce that STC Token v2 has Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis Report prepared by 🔍📈

Student Coin's updated smart contract is scored as well-secured (4/4 stars) with a rating better than Dao Maker (top 400 on CoinMarketCap), Woonkly (top 200 on CoinMarketCap), and at the same level as Kyber Network (top 200 on CoinMarketCap). ✅🔝 We would like to also remind you about the STC Token fork, which will be performed from Wednesday 14th of April.

You can check the STC Token security audit here:

🔹 af6df02ea72f9a60b9e976ea703de1e4df554d35e89901d95ec373f16dda16e5.png   636008b0a9c1c2f90f2a8fb8dfc4a86cdec82f8f08aa2ace00cbfbc396d1b541.png

Find out more on Student Coin Price Prediction and Review HERE

Student Coin has recently released its Wallet App on Android and IOS

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If you haven't invested in STC yet you are still in time to get it at a reduced price!

Student coin is currently trading at around $ 0.02229 on Uniswap, Coin Tiger and Waves Exchanges ( Prices may vary per market)

Student Coin is currently being sold at $0.0187 from their website 

Student Coin has recently reached its Hard Cap of $21 Million and has completed its 100 phases of ICO. However, due to the demand and timeline, you are still able to buy STC at a discounted price before it launches on Major Exchanges in May. 

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