Monetize your Knowledge - ccFOUND raised $3.000.000 and counting!

Monetize your Knowledge - ccFOUND raised $3.000.000 and counting!

By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 26 Oct 2021

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ccFOUND is a portal where knowledge-gathering occurs in the most natural way we know, through QUESTIONS and ANSWERS. The website is divided into thematic categories. Using machine learning tools, all content will be automatically translated into many languages.

How to buy FOUND Token

To participate in Crowdfunding 3.0 you must visit and create an account. You can proceed to purchase at

In the first step, you choose the payment method:

  • Crypto transfer. The available currencies are BTC, ETH, USDC, LTC and BCH
  • Bank wire transfer. The available currencies are USD, EUR, GBP, PLN and AED**
  • Instant Payments — you can pay in:
    - FIAT Currency: Credit card payment (via Stripe)
    - Cryptocurrency: BitBayPay*, Coinbase Commerce
  • MetaMask — connect your MetaMask wallet and pay from it. The available currencies are ETH, USDT and BNB, BUSD.
  • Prepaid wallet — first you need to make a deposit on the platform at and then you can make purchases from your wallet. You can make a deposit in:
    - FIAT Currency**: Credit card payment (via Stripe)
    - cryptocurrency: MetaMask, BitBayPay*, Coinbase Commerce
Is the ICO Audited?

Yes! FOUND coin has been audited by CertiK and received a positive result. CertiK is the most important institution certifying tokens and it is a pioneer in blockchain security research. CertiK uses best-in-class artificial intelligence technology to monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts. This allows for a high level of security for investors in cryptocurrency projects. CertiK was founded in 2018 by Yale University and Columbia University professors with a mission to create a secure internet.


Bonus for investors 

During the 4-day investment round, we will publish the investors ranking in real-time (in the transaction system). Participants can track investors and their investment amounts on an ongoing basis and raise their contributions.

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