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By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 24 Apr 2021

Victoria VR


The first Massively Multiplayer Online Blockchain-based Open World built and owned by its users with Photorealistic Graphics in Virtual Reality, the dreamed place, where you can do absolutely anything, and get rewarded for everything!

Victoria VR is a world built and owned by the users. Basically, it's sandbox but in VR! 

VR gaming is a huge opportunity for investment right now as this is clearly the next BIG step in Gaming. We have seen BIG companies focus their technology to be VR Compatible. 

So when you combine the possibilities of investing in a blockchain game together with the VR Element sounds like a no brainer!


So What Makes Victoria VR so worthy of the hype?

- It is collectively creating a METAVERSE - a shared virtual realm where people are free to do absolutely ANYTHING

- Never Ending Adventures - Buy/Sell Lands and Assets. Complete quests, Trade goods. Basically, you get rewarded for everything!

- Realistic avatars with detailed customization!

- NFTs - Assets with a REAL USE CASE which will make them extremely valuable


Check out this video for more details!

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