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2 Hidden Gems being discovered RIGHT NOW

By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 7 Nov 2021

One of the best feelings you can experience in crypto is finding some hidden gems early on which you think have potential, and seeing them pump and go viral. 

This is what happened with two projects that I have previously posted about in this blog. So if you found those articles interesting and bought in, congrats! You're in profit already! But this is just the beginning. So if you're looking around to invest in some hidden gems. This article is for you. 

1. Hidden Gem #1 - Torum


Torum is a socialFI Platform that has the potential to dominate the space. The low-cap project has a strong and dedicated who keep on delivery on every promise that is made.  So far, Torum has already launched their Decentralized Finance, Airdrops, News Feature, Closed-Beta Mobile Apps and Avatar-NFTs which are just around the corner!

With all the hype on SocialFi and Metaverse this week, Torum has been put under the spotlight as many users are trying to look for healthy competitors in this space. The platform's token XTM has seen an increase of over 300% in this week ALONE. The token was launched at an ICO price of $0.06. It is currently trading at $0.45. 

If you're thinking that you already missed the pump, then think again. Torum only has under 130k users. 

With it's low market-cap and tokenomics, together with their DeFi Staking options the price can only get bigger and better. Who knows what XTM will be trading at once it reaches millions of users worldwide?!


Torum's XTM is available both on Uniswap and Pancakeswap. 

Dextools link for Uniswap Pair -

Dextools link for Pancakeswap Pair -

If you want to Earn XTM simply for using Torum you can sign up HERE and start off by getting 15XTM just for signing up with my referral link. You can also earn around 12.5XTM per week just by logging into your account and claiming your daily sign-in bonus!


Hidden Gem #2 - ScanDeFi


ScanDeFi is another gem that is gaining a lot of attention recently. In my past posts around ScanDeFi we explored how this project offers a safer solution to dealing with DeFi projects and evading scams. It has gained a lot of attention for launching its Education Portal which is offering Crypto Courses aimed at educating you how to deal with scams, and how to avoid them in particular areas of crypto.


ScanDefi's most useful feature as-of-yet however, is its Blacklisting Feature. This allows users to leave reviews and comments on all DeFi projects, so that you can check out what people are thinking about certain coins before buying them. This feature is already helping hundreds of users be wary of scammish projects and wallets!

$SCAN has seen a significant pump this week and is currently trading at $0.039c!


You can find more info on their website HERE 


What are your thoughts on these projects? Comment below or PM me if you have any further questions !

Disclaimer: These tokens are in their very early stages. These types of investments are always risky (Unless you sign up for Torum and start earning XTM for free 👀) Only invest what you're ready to lose and do your own research!

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