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What's Built In

By MMAPMagazine | Deeper Meaning Poetry | 19 Jul 2020


What’s built in isn’t real

The real is yet to be revealed

Highly concealed beneath the grit and grain

When I look deeper, up rises feelings of shame

That I have forgotten what’s hidden, behind curtains so sheer

Although not neatly package deceit, still ever so clear

I never really looked closer; tied to my heavily conditioned fears

Securely attached like a stage-puppet, I let others maneuver my gears

I woke from my deception, thinking of rage, and shaking my fist

Acts completely unnecessary; now as I am wholeness wrapped in bliss

There is no need to run away, the past is behind

The onion layers are peeled away, I’m left feeling sublime

Now that is What’s Built In


by: Michaelson Williams



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Deeper Meaning Poetry
Deeper Meaning Poetry

This is a collection of poetry by Michaelson Williams meant to deliver a deeper meaning and invoke thoughts from the Universal conscious self. So many times we are mentally trapped in a reality that is shifted by others. This poetry is meant to be a gift to the unconscious mind and a release for the conscious mind. I hope you enjoy my work.

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