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Listen To Nature

By MMAPMagazine | Deeper Meaning Poetry | 22 Jul 2020

Nature path

Listen to nature

The birds, the trees

Pay close attention to the falling of the leaves

Understand this is but only one life

Unnecessary to cut tension with the sharp edge of the knife

Remembering when you were a child

Knowing nothing more than happiness through a smile

Learning to walk by taking baby steps

Parts of the journey we try to forget

Pushing the memories down, often hoping they quit

Rising back to the surface refusing to submit

Pain and drama often showing as fear

Nothing in this life intrinsically clear

Everything we know is but only a notion

A mixture of dreams, one colossal potion

Positives and negatives on which we will feed

Not knowing exactly which ones to believe

Standing in the rain, feeling every drop

Praying to something, hoping it stops

Let IT go and listen to nature

Turn your gaze; she wants you to face her

Let everything go, plant a new crop

Only then will you realize, that you are the rock

The fire, the water, and even the wind

Listen to Nature, embrace her within.

Expand your mind

Set off into the Universe

Open the doors in which you haven’t rehearsed

Listen to Nature


By: Michaelson Williams

Editor-in-Chief at MMAP Magazine


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Deeper Meaning Poetry
Deeper Meaning Poetry

This is a collection of poetry by Michaelson Williams meant to deliver a deeper meaning and invoke thoughts from the Universal conscious self. So many times we are mentally trapped in a reality that is shifted by others. This poetry is meant to be a gift to the unconscious mind and a release for the conscious mind. I hope you enjoy my work.

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