King and Queen Golden Crowns

Kings and Queens

By MMAPMagazine | Deeper Meaning Poetry | 17 Jul 2020


How dare you call yourself a King or Queen?

When you are jesters of society

A King would never sag his garments

And a Queen would never name him peasant because of it

Kings would never hang themselves with belts to up their pants

Queens would never sell their bodies in jerks and twerks of dance

You however possess a mind systematically destroyed

Making you believe your mind is something to be ignored


I know you think words are powerless

This is why you use names as chains

The N’s and H’s are the structural wood

Which build the ships of slaves?

You are not the Kings and Queens who direct the ships

You are much lower in the belly sickened from waves that skips

The mind you possess today work as hands rowing with oars

Though these hands are strong with power, your eyes cannot see the shores


It may be impossible to stop this ship from sinking

Consciousness was taken away, leaving no rooms for critical thinking

Methodically trained as animals while animals are taken for worshiped

How will you rule a kingdom when society knows you’re not worth it?

From within the hull your fists are raised middle finger extended

Though the action is blundering and even a little twisted

Without understanding the power of mind, there is no one home to defend it

Still the next generation stands in line with minds already vanquished


You call yourself Kings and Queens and pretend there’s hope for the next legion

You are Kings and Queens unaware of traps that already lay for coming seasons

So how can you save your cohorts with mental lashes on your backs?

The ships maps are non-existing not one will slip through the cracks

I’m pretty sure you don’t love yourself so how can you love another

Every time a member tries to get out, “kings and queens” smash them to the gutter

Minds poisoned with “If I can’t make it neither will you”

Not unless on killing words of a rapper or laced up basketball shoes


How dare you call yourself kings and queens?

With your minds stuck frozen in a Petri dish

Being manipulated to fail by every social media scientist

Laying in your own drool and piss while you tweet like twits


If I have your undivided attention and your mind realizes a spark

If there is a knot in your throat and small crack in your heart

Spring from mind’s conditioned chains to toss away the oars

Take over the mighty vessel within directing it to thine own shores

Throw away everything you think you know

More importantly let go of self

These ideas were set conditioned in you

Deliberately making sure to slow your stealth

Read every book on hand you lay

On every word mind is cleared, helping you to find your way

Positively fashioning a brain new ship of hunters not pray

Sailing on coast of True Success where real Kings and Queens stay


by: Michaelson Williams


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Deeper Meaning Poetry
Deeper Meaning Poetry

This is a collection of poetry by Michaelson Williams meant to deliver a deeper meaning and invoke thoughts from the Universal conscious self. So many times we are mentally trapped in a reality that is shifted by others. This poetry is meant to be a gift to the unconscious mind and a release for the conscious mind. I hope you enjoy my work.

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